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11 Pumpkin carving fails at their finest

Pumpkin carving is a proud North American tradition. Each year we get to see the remarkable talent by some artists who carve out some truly unbelievable Jack-o’-lanterns. The thing is, we’ve all seen those. So this year, do something different, and take a journey in some of the internet’s most terrible pumpkin carvings. Enjoy.

Man’s Best friend.

#pumpkinfail ??

A photo posted by Shelbi (@shelbi.angel25) on



??? close enough right? lol #pumpkinfail

A photo posted by vanessa ramos (@vanessramos) on


Much talent, very art.

#nailedit #lmfao #juuustkidding #pumpkincarvingfail

A photo posted by Kate Asham (@k8asham) on


Picasso would be proud(?)

#tbt to this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde pumpkin I tried to carve. #pumpkincarvingfail

A photo posted by ColleenMarie (@letzgetweirdd) on


Go home pumpkin, you’re drunk.

Tried to make a cool pumpkin carving and made this stupid piece of shit instead #orgasmface #pumpkincarvingfail

A photo posted by Andrew Edquist (@mostlyoptimistprime) on


What happens when you carve with kryptonite…


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

I want a fake pumpkin next year #CarvingFail #SpongebobNOpants

A photo posted by Chelsea Harrison (@chelsea_harrison1015) on


**Beauty iz on te insyde**


What a wreck(ing ball).

hahaha #pumpkinfail @sydneymaay #mileycyrus

A photo posted by Madison Simon (@madisonsi) on


This guy looks like he had a rough night.

#bored #pumpkinfail

A photo posted by sleep. think. wake up. regret. (@xo_live_for_ox) on


“Yeah man, it looks really similar!”

My big brother, the best pumpkin carver ever. #pumpkinfail

A photo posted by @natalieedith on


Who knows.

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