11 Unique Themed Bars in Toronto

An ice bar, a Harry Potter tavern, video game themed watering holes, and more

If you’re tired of the traditional night out to a bar or club, there are tons of creative themed bars located across the city that will add an extra layer of fun to your night.

Whether you’re looking for your next go-to drinking spot or just a fun night out with some friends, there’s a unique bar for you. From frozen ice bars to video game themed watering holes, you’ve got to check out this list of the best themed bars in Toronto.

CHILL Ice House

If you’re looking for a cool bar, CHILL Ice House is Canada’s first ever permanent ice lounge. It takes chilly weather and turns it into a year round party with 185,000 pounds of ice sculptures, ice benches, a functioning ice bar, and an ice chandelier. Your drink will be so cold you definitely won’t need an ice cube.

Power Up Bar

When you arrive at Power Up Bar, at first all you’ll see is a convenience store, but if you walk through to the back you’ll find a video game themed bar with $5 cocktails on tap. Power Up offers cooperative console gaming, and they host events that revolve around casual gaming, in house tournaments, E-sports, and viewing parties for popular shows.

The Lockhart

Harry Potter fans, this one’s for you! Named after the most useless Defence Against The Dark Arts professor, this bar is full of “Easter eggs” from the fantasy novels like Deathly Hallows symbols, a rack of “potions & elixers,” and themed drinks like the “Befuddlement Brew.” To the average bar-goer, this would look like any other neighbourhood joint. It takes a seasoned witch or wizard to identify the magical items at The Lockhart.

Stones Place

Stones Place is full of bar owner Jerry Stone’s Rolling Stones memorabilia including guitars, gold records, and posters from every era of the legendary rock band’s career. Stone has been a collector for over 40 years, so the walls of this “open concept rock’n’roll utopia” is full of rare items you’ll want to gawk at.

Famous Last Words

Bar owner Marlene wanted to combine her two greatest passions in this bar: books and cocktails. The literary themed-bar takes reading to the next level with walls full of books, cocktails named after books, and a bar topped with Scrabble tiles spelling out the names of literary characters. Book clubs and literary lovers far and wide gather at this local watering hole to sip on a drink and discuss their favourite novels.

The Rec Room

The Rec Room is a popular spot for kids and kids at heart with nearly 100 arcade games, live entertainment, and Canadian pub food. Half of the arcade is for adults, with billiards, a full-sized stage, a bar, and a projector playing sports games, but the everyone is more than welcome to grab their drinks and head to “The Yard” half, which includes The Walking Dead Deluxe, Mario Kart, and VR system The Void.

Hocus Pocus Witchery

Hocus Pocus describes themselves as “a witchery that provides an array of spiritual products, workshops, and services.” This Parkdale bar boasts lots of witch themed decor, magical products, and spooky smoking dry ice based drinks like the Witches Brew and the Poison Apple.

Track & Field

This outdoorsy bar is full of fake foliage and lanterns, as well as themed lawn games. Track & Field is home to Bocce Ball, shuffleboard, crokinole boards, cocktails on top, plenty of local and imported beer, and “an unmatched enthusiasm for games generally played by the elderly.” All four courts are free from midnight until 2 am, so head to the bar early to get your name down for a round!


Toronto’s sci-fi cafe and bar, See-Scape, has a variety of consoles and board games from Battleship to Dungeon Quest. Each of their four booths have a different theme, and the bar is filled to the brim with over 100 board games, art, and video game consoles from Atari to Xbox 360.


SPIN’s owners, Jonathan Brickli, Andrew Gordon, and Franck Raharinosy want to initiate human connection through ping pong – a game that transcends age, gender, and boundaries. Brickli, Gordon, and Raharinosy, are very passionate about the game after training to get into the Olympics level ping pong games by practicing at parties. All in all, it’s a pretty sweet venue with sister bars in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Austin.

The Ballroom

Longtime entertainment complex The Ballroom is a bowling alley with 52 televisions, two floors, and an upscale pub that features pork pot pie and tasty fried pickles. On the second floor, you’ll find ping pong tables, bubble hockey, Foosball, a giant Connect 4 board, chalkboard games, and giant Jenga. On the main floor, you’ll find nine bowling lanes and several classic billiards tables.