12 Indie Band Reunions To Get Happy About

Reunion rumours that proved true

It truly sucks when your favourite band breaks up. Most of us have been there — grasping for straws on Myspace, trying to decipher if a band’s new post about something seemingly meaningless is actually a hint at a reunion. Now we have Twitter and other social media, making reunion tour rumours easier to curate (and also confirm).

Here are a list of 12 bands whose reunions were appreciated, even if some of them didn’t last long.

Neutral Milk Hotel

Neutral Milk Hotel’s reunion story falls in a sort of crescendo, with a slow and gradual lead-up to their full reunion after their hiatus around 2011. After multiple solo performances and projects, with Jeff Mangum embarking on his own tours, the band finally reunited as NMH in 2014 after their name was revealed in Boston Calling’s festival lineup. Although they have since gone on another hiatus following their reunion tour, there is still hope for the future.


My Bloody Valentine

In the mid-90s writer’s block plagued My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, which is said to be one of the main reasons for MBV’s split. Apparently during that time a ton of material was recorded by the band, probably with the pressure of performing and releasing being lifted from the members’ shoulders. In 2007 we saw the reunion of MBV, along with new albums and the band continues to be keep it together to this day.



Blink-182 is notorious for constantly breaking up and reuniting. Their first band spat occurred after 2001’s Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. However, this drama only lasted a small amount of time, and the band reunited shortly after to record their 2003 self-titled album. The big reunion, however, happened after an “indefinite hiatus” and a plane crash that almost claimed Travis Barker’s life.

In 2009 Blink 182 reunited for the first time in over five years on the Grammy Awards stage. Following the awards show, the band announced a North American reunion tour that ran over the summer of 2009, pairing up with bands Weezer and Fall Out Boy. This was a huge deal for Blink fans at the time after the band seemed like they’d never reunite. Of course, nothing lasts forever, and the band broke up once more following their new album release, only to reunite without Tom DeLonge years later.



Blur fans were ecstatic when Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree reunited in 2015 after nearly 16 years. The reunion album, The Magic Whip, marked a milestone in the band’s time together, serving as an album that signifies the reconciliation and shared common ground of four members who have had a rocky past.


The Jesus and Mary Chain

We waited nearly a decade for Damage and Joy to come out, since the band reunited on stage in 2007, though an official album announcement didn’t come until early 2015. A few box sets, tours, and one greatest hits album later, Damage and Joy finally arrived this year, sitting as the band’s first studio album since 1998.


The Killers

The Killers have had their fair share of drama, with constant rumours throughout the early 2000s of band drama, as well as a fired and sued manager that resulted in a back and forth lawsuit. However, The Killers persevered, putting out multiple successful albums and only taking a short time apart that lasted under two years for band members to pursue solo projects.

After their short hiatus in 2010, the group reformed in 2011 on stage and started working on their fifth studio album, which is rumoured to be release sometime this year.


Wolf Parade

In 2010, Wolf Parade announced an indefinite break that would commence after they played a small number of festival gigs in 2011. After about five years, Wolf Parade emerged from their hiatus when they updated their website and created brand new social media accounts at the start of 2016, causing a stir in their fandom. Since then, the band have been together and working on new music, with a new record on the way.


LCD Soundsystem

Following the release of This is Happening in 2010, and after continuously quashing rumours about LCD’s disbandment, James Murphy’s Brooklyn band did the unthinkable and actually confirmed a split that sounded as permanent as a bad tattoo. They even held their own funeral at Madison Square Garden, which turned out to be a nearly four-hour farewell concert.

Nearing the end of 2015, however, the band’s notoriety for starting rumours and then quashing them resurfaced when a rumour surfaced in October that the band was reuniting. It was immediately quashed by the band’s manager, only to be resurfaced and officially confirmed at the end of the year. The band’s official reunion was announced with the news that LCD Soundsystem would be headlining Coachella in 2016.



After an on-stage incident that led to a messy end to a tour in 2011 and some Facebook drama that made it look like nobody in the band was actually talking to each other, Ween finally split. Gene Ween, aka Aaron Freeman, also announced that he was leaving the band to take care of himself and overcome alcoholism. In November 2015, the band reunited to play a few concerts and release a new live album.



After a decade of being together, tensions between band members and a rocky Coachella set in 1999 led to the split of Pavement. 10 years seems to be a recurring theme with the California band, because about 10 years after their split the alt-rock band reunited on stage. Fans were excited, and the small reunion tour was well-received. However, tensions in the band continued to spark, including a messy performance in Las Vegas at the end of their tour. Although the band has not ruled out live performances, it doesn’t seem like new music is in the works from Stephen Malkmus and Co.


Rage Against the Machine

Being a politically charged band that became known for charging into the New York Stock Exchange with over 200 fans at the start of the millennium, Rage is not lacking in a dramatic history. After reportedly having fist fights over minor decisions, Rage finally disbanded, with Zack de la Rocha making the first move.

As Tom Morello famously put it, Rage was “patently political, internally combustible.” After back and forth rumours of potential reunions, RATM reunited for a Coachella spot in 2007. The band, minus de la Rocha, have gone on to form Prophets of Rage with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and B-Real of Cypress Hill.


At the Drive-In

After a car accident rattled the group in November 2000, tensions rose between band members and even between ATDI and their fans, with the group scolding the crowd at an Australian show for moshing. Eventually, the band split.

The breakup was confirmed early in 2001 and Cedric Bixler took most of the blame, explaining that he wanted to work on his own music. After an initial reunion in 2009 that lasted a few years, the post-hardcore band split once more, only to be reunited again in 2015, with brand new singles and a new album that dropped earlier this month.