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13 Female-Fronted Bands You Should Be Listening To

Female-fronted bands have been leading the indie-pack this year and we’re all for it! If you haven’t given these bands a listen just yet, what are you waiting for?! These groups are killing it with their unique sounds and awesome vocal tracks. Whatever reason you have for not knowing about these groups, we’re here to fix it. Here are some female-fronted bands you need to be listening to starting yesterday:


Lead singer and talented musician, Emily Haines, formed the group on her music travels during 1998 and we’re super thankful for it. The local band’s first official album, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?, was released on September 2, 2003 and they’ve been on the rise ever since.


This is one band that needs to be on your radar. The three brothers brought their best gal pal, Katie Munshaw, into the band and her vocals are magical beyond belief. Their first two releases, “Stars and Moons” and “Swim”, were definite hits and they show no sign of slowing down in 2018.


This Scottish band has been killing it since 2011. As if their lead, Lauren Mayberry, isn’t cool enough already, she’s got a masters in journalism and degree in law! Isn’t there anything she can’t do? Their 2012 single, “Lies”, is what put them on the map and have been rising stars ever since.

The Weather Station

Toronto musician Tamara Lindeman released her self-titled fourth album under The Weather Station moniker late last year. Her previous record Loyalty earned her heaps of critical praise, along with a 2015 Polaris Prize nomination. The Weather Station has toured with an impressive company of artists including The War on Drugs, The Mountain Goats, Damien Jurado, Bahamas, and Basia Bulat.


Front runner, Alisa Xayalith, has been in the music industry from the young age of 13 – immersing herself in native folk music and teaching herself guitar. The first time she met memeber Thom Powers was while they working on two extended plays, and it’s clear they’ve stuck together. The duo expanded in 2009 and have been dominating their local and national charts!


Probably one of the OG’s from the 2000’s when it comes to girl leads. You don’t need an introduction for this trio since their songs have been featured and remixed in shows and movies like Project X, Gossip Girl, and Goosebumps. They’re finally back after a 7 year hiatus and are headlining Field Trip 2018! Get your tix while you can!


The true definition of indie music bringing people together. Lead singer/organist Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally formed the band after meeting through Baltimore’s indie rock scene in 2004. The duo has grown an insane following, two of their fans including Jay-Z and Beyoncé!


How could we not mention this killer girl group?! Our hearts have been filled with love since their formation on Valentines Day 2004. Their psychedelic style and dream-pop sound is addictive to listen to, if you don’t believe me, check out their hit single “Love Is To Die” to see what we’re talking about!


The band is back and better than ever after their short hiatus! If you think the lead singer, Ashleigh Ball, sounds familiar, it’s probably you’ve heard her before! She’s voice acted for several hit children’s shows like Bratz, Johnny Test, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


This Toronto-based girl group is one close to our hearts! With a concert coming up on May 11th, and a spot at Liquid Arts Fest held by Collective Arts Brewery, there’s no reason not to see this talented squad. P.s. If you listen to Lana, you may have a chance to win some tix!


The only kind of Bully you’ll like! Front woman, Alicia Bognanno, brought the group together in 2013 and has her own epic music background. Her sound engineering skills and rockin’ vocals caught the attention of former King Arthur drummer Stewart Copeland, guitarist Clayton Parker, and bassist Reece Lazarus to take on the music world with her.


The Aussie band features husband and wife duo Hannah Joy and Tim Fitz alongside their BFF Harry Day! Before the band had even played a show, they wrote/recorded their debut single “Edge of Town,” which gained traction after Elton John shared the track on his radio show and Apple Music playlist!


It all starts at the bar. Lead vocalist Jasmyn Burke and guitarist Morgan Waters first met in a bar and began recording demo songs based on Burke’s iPhone recordings. In 2013, drummer Spencer Cole and bassist Zach Bines joined the group before recording commenced for their popular debut EP.

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