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13 Halloween Costume Ideas on the Cheap

Want a killer costume but spent too much money on Halloween candy?

Save the fear for the haunted houses! We know putting together a costume on a dime can be stressful to say the least, so we’ve put together a list of 13 Halloween costume ideas you can make on the cheap.

Pac-Man Ghosts

This idea is great for an affordable individual or group costume. All you need is some cheap white and blue felt that you can use to draw pixelated eyes and square “food” pieces. Cut them out and hot glue the eyes to a bright shirt and the “food” to black pants. That’s all you need to look like these cute little pixelated ghosts.

Juno and Bleeker

Why not be a Fertile Myrtle or her lovably awkward boyfriend, Bleek? To be Juno, all you need is a striped t-shirt, jeans, a brown skirt and sweater, and a ball for your belly. Bleeker just needs some yellow shorts, sweatbands, high socks, and a burgundy t-shirt with yellow tape on the arms. Just make sure your shorts are like especially gold that day.

Guy Fieri

Chrissy Teigan, one half of everyone’s favourite couple, blew Halloween out of the water with her Guy Fieri costume. All she did was get a spiky blonde wig, a bowler shirt (with a couple of sweet flames on the bottom), some sunglasses, and high socks. Spend a couple bucks and welcome all your friends to Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Salt Bae

Salt Bae will forever be relevant in our hearts. Grab a white t-shirt from your closet, a pair of sunglasses, some salt, a ponytail, and make a BBQ quick rib to carry around, and you’re set. What better way to get a laugh than to become a real life meme?

Google Maps

Grab a red Bristol board, some yellow and red tape, scissors, some black clothes and a sharpie, and you’ll have everything you need to make this easy costume. Write your favourite street names along some yellow tape and stick it on your black shirt along with an “X” made out of red tape, then cut out the “you are here” head pieces and you’re all set for an evening of cheap Halloween fun.

Gameboy and Tamagotchi

All 90s fans can get down with a nice cheap Gameboy or Tamagotchi costume to turn into some of the best toys of the era.

For the Tamagotchi costume, all you need to do is cut an oval out of a coloured Bristol board, stick some yellow tape in a zig-zag design behind a printout of the pixelated Tamagotchi character, and make some circles made out of tape for the buttons. Use some string or ribbon to tie it around your neck, and make a paper chain out of white or silver paper to attach to the corner.

For the Gameboy, cut a rounded rectangle out of coloured Bristol board and a grey paper square for the screen, and then use some black tape to make the buttons and the border of the screen. You can use ribbon or string to tie this around your neck as well.

Cards Against Humanity

Similar to the 90s treasure above, all this costume needs is white and black Bristol board, a Sharpie, and some string. Take a Bristol board and write out your favourite Cards Against Humanity combination with your Sharpie, attach some string, and tie it around your neck.

Ron Swanson

This is probably the easiest one on the list, especially if you’ve already got a sweet ‘stache. All you need is a red lumberjack shirt, beige pants, and (potentially) a fake moustache). Then all you’ve got to do is carry around a note that says “I can do what I want” or say things like “frozen yogurt is the celery of desserts.”

50 Shades of Grey

Who doesn’t love a good costume pun? Plus, this costume is essentially free if you can head to a paint store and get 50 different swatches of grey paint.

Tough Cookie

Did we mention we love puns? Put on your boxing gloves and grab a glass of milk and you’re halfway there. Then, all you need to do is make a cookie out of some light and dark brown construction paper and tape it to a headband. To really go the extra mile, put some white face paint on your upper lip for an awesome milkstache.


“Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?” This costume only needs one thing: animal print. LOTS of animal print.


Sushi lovers unite! Grab a white dress and use a thick black sash to tie an orange or pink pillow to your back. Then grab some chopsticks from your local sushi joint, and put a pink or green scrunchie in your hair to add some ginger or wasabi to the mix.

Freida Kahlo

For all the starving artists out there, you can live out your Halloween dream on stuff you have at home and maybe a little bit of extra cash. Stick some yellow flowers on your head, put on some red lipstick, wrap a scarf around your shoulders, and use facepaint to add in some extra brow and upper lip hair.
Lead Photo of cosplayers @maddoll.cosplay and @ethancreer by Clint

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