13 McDonald’s International Menu Items that need to come to Canada

I'm liking it a lot

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining about our McDonald’s menu here in Canada. But as an wise old person probably once said, “there’s always room for improvement.” Looking at the classic fast-food chain’s international menus it’s easy to be envious. Sure we have poutine, but there’s more to life,don’t you agree? Take a look at some star McDonald’s items that are offered around the world that would change lives in the true North.

Steak Patates
Country: Turkey

It’s fair to assume that the greatest single McDonald’s item is their fries. What could possibly go wrong with a thicker version of them? More to love.

Panini Mozzarella
Country: South Africa
Ham & Swiss BABY. Get that moza’ gooey-hot and that ham seared. Now we’re talking!

Deluxe Chicken Supreme
Country: United Kingdom
It’s both deluxe and supreme so ya…the name says it all.

Onion Rings
Country: Ireland
Herein lies that classic debate: fries or onion rings with your burger? As if life is full of enough difficult choices.

Festive Cheese Melt Dippers
Country: Italy
Yes, that’s fried cheese. Think of mozzarella sticks on steroids. Plus you get little cheese sprinkles on top for that added “festive” look.

English Brekkie Wrap
Country: Australia
While McDonald’s just introduced new breakfast wraps in Canada, this ozzie wrap features bacon, eggs and sausage smothered in BBQ sauce. We certainly don’t have that.

Gouda & Piment Croquette
Country: Morocco
More fried cheese goodness. Crushed piment peppers rolled over a healthy hunk of gouda, breaded and fried.

Maestro Classic
Country: Finland

So majestic, so delicious.

Country: Ukraine

McDonald’s Ukrainian version of “Pancakes” are really just crepes. Thin, sweet little flapjacks smothered in maple syrup, — such a Canadian thing to do. Seriously, how do we not have these yet?

Caramel Chocolate Waffle Cone
Country: Australia

This is not a drill people, wake up. Caramel ice cream heaven exists down under.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Country: Turkey

My favorite item on the Wendy’s menu always has and always will be their spicy chicken sandwich. So if Mickey-Dee’s can cut through the red tape and bring their version home I will be forever grateful.

Croquette Fish Balls
Country: Morocco

Why order a fish fillet when you can order these little beauties? Strength in numbers and all.

Curly Fries
Country: Italy

Curly fries = life. As if you needed another reason to visit Italy.