13 unforgettable Toronto moments from 2018

All of the wildest local stories this year

From a naked man jumping into a tank full of sharks at Ripley’s to the carnage of the great Toronto No Frills corn riot, 2018 was full of some great (and horrible) moments for this city. With so many wild local stories, it was tough to choose some of the craziest, most outrageous, and highly ridiculous moments of the year, but we did it.

Check out some of the biggest Toronto moments of 2018 below.

A naked man jumped into the shark tank at Ripley’s Aquarium


Partiers at Ripley’s Aquarium’s Friday Night Jazz got a little too wild in October after, according to a redditor, a naked man jumped into the aquarium’s shark exhibit in front of several people watching. The evening was supposed to be an event where they host live music, and offer alcoholic drinks for a “deep sea musical adventure,” which this guy may have indulged in before diving into a tank full of aquatic killers.

Seth Rogan voiced the TTC public service announcements for a while

Earlier this year, Seth Rogen recorded a number of Public Service Announcements that were played throughout the TTC system, offering passengers TTC etiquette advice and warning against fare evasion — among others. You can listen to all the PSAs on the TTC website here.

Never forget the carnage of the great Toronto No Frills corn riot

A Toronto No Frills discounted corn in May and the result was an all-out battle to score some sweet cobs. A video of a dozen-plus people scrambling to get their hands on some corn surfaced on Reddit, and here we are. This was definitely a moment that made a lot of Torontonians lose all faith in their city.

That crazy windstorm

A wind storm ravaged its way through parts of Southern Ontario and Quebec in April, causing thousands of dollars of damage along the way. With winds hitting speeds of 100 kilometres per hour, the storm wreaked some serious havoc on residents, knocking out power lines and causing a ton of property damage along the way. The destruction made its way to downtown Toronto, knocking glass from buildings, spinning construction cranes out of control and leaving a number of downed trees in its wake.

A Toronto man danced on top of a TTC bus while it was moving

A young Toronto man recently rode a TTC bus, but not in the way you think. In November, footage circulated of a bus on Dawes Road just north of the Danforth, when a man climbed on top of it, dangling from the back, and danced and surfed on the roof of the bus. The video, uploaded to Facebook by Brian Taylor, featured the rider pulling himself up on top of the roof of the bus and ducking to avoid being nailed by a stoplight as the bus drove through an intersection.

The El Mocambo sign returned

One of Toronto’s most iconic live music venues, The El Mocambo, closed in 2014. After several years of renovations, the venue is moving closer to re-opening for business. The ‘El Mo’s’ legendary neon palm tree sign was once again mounted outside the establishment in November. “It is going to be spectacular,” Wekerle told CBC. “The building was in disrepair for many years. We more or less took it all down.”

But we had to say goodbye to Honest Ed’s

We all knew the day was coming, but none of us wanted to believe it. The final removal of the iconic Honest Ed’s signage occurred this February, and it was heartbreaking for the entire city. Rest in peace Honest Ed’s, Bloor will never be the same.

A TTC vehicle got swallowed by a sinkhole

In October, a TTC vehicle got swallowed by a sinkhole in the Port Lands. After a water main broke, the Logan Ave. and Commissioners St. intersection flooded in South East Toronto. As the driver tried to make their way through the intersection, the vehicle got stuck in the growing sinkhole and sunk so deep that it became fully submerged in the crater. Luckily, the driver was able to escape the vehicle without any injuries before the car completely sunk into the hole.

The TTC was delayed by a raccoon walking on the tracks

What’s more Toronto than a TTC issue caused by a trash panda? Raccoons are definitely no strangers to the transit system in Toronto, but this raccoon delaying the TTC is about as true to this city as it gets. Northbound trains between Eglinton and Finch were delayed along Line 1 when a small, furry bandit decided to stroll onto the tracks. It ended up taking about 45 minutes for TTC staff to remove the raccoon and for regular service to start back up.

A car was found dangling off the DVP and no one really knew why

In May, police investigated the Don Valley Parkway to figure out why a car was suspended from a bridge – the empty car dangled from a rope beneath Millwood Overpass bridge, south of Don Mills road. Shortly before 10 A.M., firefighters cut the rope and the vehicle fell to the ground. After a thorough investigation, it was confirmed that the scene was in fact a movie shoot.

That flash flood that left Toronto submerged

Torontonians were dealing with the aftermath of a dangerous flash flood for an unbelievably long time in August, which left parts of the city submerged in water. Toronto police had to rescue two men in the city’s north end who were trapped in a basement elevator. When Police found them the water was up to six feet high, and they only had about a foot of breathing room left. Toronto Police were able to free the men from the elevator using a crowbar to pry open the shut doors.

A stealthy raccoon ate breakfast in a Toronto home

Everyone knows raccoons are basically little burglars, but this ultra-sneaky little guy broke into a local home, ate their english muffins, and refused to leave. In September, Toronto-based wedding planner, Jenny Serwylo, had her kitchen raided by three masked thieves. Serwylo shared her horrific tale on both Reddit and Instagram and even included some photos of the crafty criminal, which explained how one of the three raccoons wouldn’t leave until he ate every crumb of bread in her kitchen.

That time someone took a joyride on the back of a TTC subway

A TTC rider posted a video of himself hitching a ride on the outside of a train. The video, which was reportedly shot over a year ago, surfaced online and prompted a response from the TTC, who called it an “illegal act” and an “incredibly dangerous and stupid stunt.” The prankster, who spoke to City News anonymously, indicated that he was inspired by numerous other videos of passengers participating in similar stunts on subway cars in other cities.