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14 Ridiculously Canadian Songs

Eh bud, just in time for Canada Day, we’ve got 14 songs that will have you feeling as Canadian as possible. They just may be the 14 most perfect songs to listen to aboard the Indie88 Great Canadian Cruise. Happy Canada 150!

Sloan – “Rest Of My Life”

First off, Sloan are true Canadians right down to their core. Secondly, the lyrics: “One thing I know about the rest of my life, I know that I’ll be living it in Canada”. Need I go on?

Neil Young – “Helpless”

A song about simpler times growing up in Northern Ontario sung by an absolute Canadian icon.

Mounties – “Tokyo Summer”

Okay, so yes the title may throw you for a loop but hear me out. This video is shot in Niagara Falls, one of Canada’s biggest attractions. Then add in the fact that three guys in three different Canadian bands came together to create a Canadian supergroup called ‘Mounties”, come on!

The Tragically Hip – “50 Mission Cap”

There are references to the Stanley Cup, the Leafs, Bill Barilko, hockey cards and more. Plus it’s The Hip.

Mac Demarco – “Ode To Viceroy”

In the last few years hacking butts has become a popular Canadian stereotype. Though Mac has laid off this brand in the last few years, here’s a ballad he wrote about his favourite Canadian Cigarette brand.

Corey Hart – Sunglasses “At Night”

Every Canadian pre-teen girl crushed on Corey in the 80s and he could write a song to boot!

Sam Roberts – “The Canadian Dream”

Hard to find someone who rocks the Canadian tuxedo more often than this guy. “The Canadian Dream” is a play on “the American dream” and how Canada is publicly portrayed.

Loverboy – “Working for the Weekend”

These guys were famous outside of Canada and this was their best.

Blue Rodeo – “Hasn’t Hit Me Yet”

I challenge you to try to find someone who doesn’t at least know a few words to this one. It may not have been written about Canada or Canadian themes but it’s definitely an anthem in this country.

Tom Cochrane – “Life Is A Highway”

In the early 90s, you could not go anywhere without hearing this classic Canadian jam.

Andy Kim – “Rock Me Gently”

A massive number 1 Billboard hit from Montreal’s Andy Kim back in 1974. Not necessarily Canadian themed lyrics but he’s best buds with Kevin Drew and performed with ‘BSS’ at this years Field Trip.

Stompin’ Tom Connors – “The Hockey Song”

RIP to maybe the most Canadian man who ever lived. Every song Stompin’ Tom made was pure Canadiana. Whether it was about Bud the Spud tearing up the 401, or a Sudbury Saturday night, his music stands as constant proof that he was overjoyed about where he lived.

Tom Green & Organized Rhyme – “Check the O.R.”


The Weakerthans – “One Great City”

It may not be the most positive song to be written about Canada but when you think of Canadian songs this is always top of mind.

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