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This 1400 Year Old Ginkgo Tree Is Still Brimming With Life & Color

This 1400 Year Old Ginkgo Tree Still Inspires Autumnal Awe

There is an incredible tree in a Zen monastery in Xi’an, China that not only rains golden leaves, but is well past its golden years. The 1400 year old ginkgo tree is incredible in so many ways. Equally as incredible as this tree that owns itself.

It’s so breathtaking, in fact, that nearly 60,000 people are expected to line up to view the precious tree in a 20 day period. Because of this, the monastery has had to set a limit of how many people can visit the tree.

Viewing requires an online reservation, and the desire to wait in line with thousands of other people. Have fun with that.

A Royal Beginning: The History Of The Tree

1400 year old gingko tree
Image: @kimyunhee83 on Instagram

The credit for planting the tree goes to a Chinese emperor in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It’s located at a Buddhist temple, where it sits in a courtyard, reflecting more of a regal nature than any of the rulers who’ve sat under its beautiful shelter.

Emperor Li Shimin is the founding father of the Tang Dynasty. He has been given credit for planting the tree. Imagine that? A legacy that ends up living for 1400 years and has nothing to do with war, conquering things, or how many wives you had.

That’s the kinda legacy I’m talking about.

How Has it Survived This Long?

1400 year old gingko tree
Image: @kimyunhee83 on Instagram

The tree itself is an ancient species native to China. Not only is it beautiful when it sheds its leaves, but it also represents many health benefits associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Considering that the tree lives in the courtyard of a monastery, experts feel that it’s been well maintained. However, other well-maintained trees don’t live close to this long. So why is that?

It’s hard to say why the tree has survived this long. If you believe in this sort of thing, I’m inclined to think that there’s some great vibes at an ancient monastery, and the tree is thriving from the energy of meditators and well-wishers over centuries.

How Long Could It Live For?

1400 year old gingko tree
Image: @kimyunhee83 on Instagram

Of course we have no idea how long it will live for. But it could just keep on living. The golden leaves that it casts off yearly are healthy, and the tree is showing no sign of decline.

Perhaps it will live on forever. It truly is the tree that’s seen everything.

How To See The Tree In All Of Its Seasonal Glory

1400 year old gingko tree
Image: @sumifujinaga on Instagram

Going to see this amazing tree would be like a sacred religious trek, if you’re a tree fan. And if you are a tree fan, don’t miss out on checking out the notorious bloodwood tree.

You can go and view the incredible falling leaves of this ancient tree by visiting the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple in the Zhongnan Mountains in Xi’am. However, you’ll want to be prepared to join thousands of other tourists. It’s a huge attraction for visitors since it went viral on social media, and continues to grow every year.

In fact, if you want to view it, you’ll have to make a reservation. And you’ll probably want to do that well in advance considering you’re going to see a living relic! Try as I have to find that link, it may only be available within China because you have to use China’s most popular messaging app WeChat.

1400 year old gingko tree
Image: @kimyunhee83 on Instagram

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