15 albums you need to listen to this Fall

Quintessential albums for the brisk autumn weather

Are you looking for some tunes you can jump in the leaves to? Tracks for your walk home through bright coloured trees? We’ve got you covered.

With the gloomy autumn weather, it can be easy to forget how beautiful the changing leaves and brisk fall air is, but there are tons of great albums that will make you excited for this chilly season.

Check out these awesome records that you need to take a listen to this fall below.

Joni Mitchell – Blue

The traditional fall album is, of course, Joni Mitchell’s Blue with her vulnerable songwriting from behind a voice that makes you feel like you’re warming up next to a crackling fireplace. Her sweet falsettos and endearing finger picking is perfect to listen to amidst the chilly weather as you sip on a toasty cup of tea.

The Staves – The Way Is Read

The intricate harmonies from this folk loving family trio makes for a perfect cozy album to listen to this autumn. The Way Is Read is stacked with showstopping a cappellas and songs that are filled with beautifully chaotic soundtracks of strings. The soft, silky record makes for a perfect fall evening as you cozy up beneath a thick blanket.

Tragically Hip – Phantom Power

A list of fall albums is incomplete without a record from Canadian rock icons, the Tragically Hip. The late Gord Downie’s vivid imagery brings you back to comfy days at the cottage, with powerfully Canadian concepts that revolve around rural towns like in their iconic track “Bobcaygeon.” Phantom Power is full of love and longing, making it a perfect way to say goodbye to the warm Summer weather.

City And Colour – Guide Me Back Home (Live)

Beloved Canadian musician, Dallas Green (A.K.A. City And Colour), has recently dropped Guide Me Back Home (Live), which sees Green returning to his stripped back acoustic roots. The record has tons of intimate live performances that he sees as a love letter to Canada. What better way to enjoy the country’s beauty this autumn than by listening to the heart-wrenching live tracks from Dallas Green?

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

Frequently labeled as the quintessential Autumn soundtrack, Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago is a soothing record to listen to when you return home after a long day in the brisk Fall weather. With some of his biggest tracks like “Flume” and “Skinny Love,” the album exudes a sort of relatable loneliness that makes it a great song to listen to as the leaves start to fall.

Youth Lagoon – The Year of Hibernation

This lo-fi album from Idaho’s Trevor Powers (A.K.A. Youth Lagoon) was his debut LP, and features a sort of hushed intimacy with the musician’s warbly synth rounding out the tracks. The Year of Hibernation is full of nostalgia and self-reflection, making it perfect for a season where you often find yourself longing for the warmth of the summer months.

Angel Olsen – All Mirrors

Angel Olsen’s stark, dreamy new album All Mirrors is sure to be your new fall soundtrack, with its silky, reverberating vocals and powerful, ambient instrumental lines. “In every way – from the making of it, to the words, to how I feel moving forward, this record is about owning up to your darkest side, finding the capacity for new love, and trusting change even when you feel like a stranger,” Olsen explained of the album on Facebook.

City And Colour – A Pill For Loneliness

City and Colour is perfect for the crisp, chilly weather, so of course we have two different albums by the one and only Dallas Green on here! His beautiful, dark new album A Pill For Loneliness is Green’s most profound to date, with powerfully vulnerable lyricism and stark, yet texturally diverse sonic landscapes. “I wrote a lot of dark songs and wrapped them in the most beautiful sounds we could find,” Green explains of the album in a statement. “There are personal connotations, but they’re also relatable. I’m thankful for the opportunity to create.”

Daniel Caesar – Case Study 01

The smooth R&B grooves on Daniel Caesar’s CASE STUDY 01 makes it a perfect tune for a fun fall evening. The 10-track collection marks Caesar’s first lengthy release since 2017’s Freudian, and according to a statement, it comes after a time in Caesar’s life where he was deeply struggling with depression, and was forced to confront his own mortality. “Everything dies, everything changes – I had to embrace that,” Caesar explains. “To not be so scared of failure.”

Muna – Saves The World

Californian indie pop trio Muna’s dynamic, vulnerable new recrd Saves The World is perfect for a sunny autumn day, and is sure to get you bopping while you walk through crispy leaves. The new record serves as the perfect sophomore record, as the trio let their dynamic, dreamy instrumentals weave through tales of heartbreak and trauma. Opening with “Grow,” the album launches into a desolate, sparse vocal landscape, making for a powerfully emotional entry into the 12-track record.

Julien Baker – Sprained Ankle

Julien Baker’s intimate, electric guitar-based LP Sprained Ankle is raw and stripped down, focusing primarily on Baker’s heart-wrenching lyrics. This minimalist record is filled with crisp harmonics, lonely vocals, and deeply emotional, poetic lines that serve as the perfect soundtrack to a crisp autumn day.

Ben Howard – Every Kingdom

Ben Howard’s debut studio album Every Kingdom is full of campfire acoustics and wistful vocals that revolve around themes of intimacy and the passage of time. Even in the cold weather, these tracks will find a way to make you feel warm with Howard’s intricate, agile guitar riffs and lyrics that explore anxiety and faltering relationships.

The Paper Kites – Woodland

The Paper Kites’ six song EP, Woodland, is full of lightweight, easy on the ears tracks with quirky finger plucking and soft, sentimental vocals. The upbeat tracks feel like there should be birds chirping in the background, and can definitely serve as some great chilly road trip material. With sweet, echoey tracks you’re sure to love listening to this endearing album now that summer has officially come to an end.

Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes

The Fleet Foxes’ self titled album is full of a sort of Appalachian folk rock, and feels as though it was recorded in a clearing in the woods. Fleet Foxes will make you learn to appreciate the beauty of autumn despite the chilly weather, as its full of choir-like voices that sound as though they’re being sung out into a field.

The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground & Nico 45th Anniversary

This seemingly never-ending record, which was recorded at Andy Warhol’s Factory, is sure to deliver you tons of great Fall tracks with dreary, monotonous vocals that are great to listen to on a brisk morning walk. The opening track, “Sunday Morning,” is a song that will make you want to walk in the sun and appreciate the changing leaves.