15 Essential Songs By Arcade Fire

New album "Everything Now" out July 28

With the release of their most recent album Everything Now, we’re celebrating the one of Canada’s most treasued bands by looking back at a few of our favourites from the years.


“Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)”

Album: Funeral, 2004

The first Arcade Fire track, on the very first Arcade Fire album.


“Rebellion (Lies)”

Album: Funeral, 2004

The song has famously been the band’s closing song at majority of their shows, even to this day.


“Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)”

Album Funeral, 2004

This song snagged them their first Juno Award for “Songwriter of the Year,” and the music video was nominated for “Video of the Year.”


“Wake Up”

Album: Funeral, 2004

David Bowie once joined Arcade Fire on stage for a performance of this song.


“Crown Of Love”

Album: Funeral, 2004

A beautiful break up song that assures you by the end of it that everything will be okay.


“Ocean Of Noise”

Album: Neon Bible, 2007

“Ocean” is a symbol for lack of control while “Noise” is the sound heard by a person leaving home and entering the real world of consumerism.


“No Cars Go”

Album: Neon Bible, 2007

This song was originally released on the band’s self titled EP but was re-recorded five years later for the album Neon Bible.


“Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”

Album: The Suburbs, 2010

Founding band member Régine Chassagne rarely sings lead vocals on a song, but when she does you’re always in for a treat.


“Ready To Start”

Album: The Suburbs, 2010

Here’s a cool fact! Other than playing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” over and over again before the station launch, this Arcade Fire track was the first song Indie88 ever played live on air.


“Suburban War”

Album: The Suburbs, 2010

This song is the main theme of their short film, Scenes From The Suburbs, that reflects on growing apart from your friends as you enter adulthood.


“Here Comes the Night Time”

Album: Reflektor, 2013

This song premiered on NBC during a half hour concert special. It featured cameos from James Franco, Rainn Wilson, Bono, Ben Stiller, Michael Cera, Bill Hader, Zach Galifianakis, Eric Wareheim, Jason Schwartzman, and Aziz Ansari.



Album: Reflektor, 2013

This song features a guest vocal appearance by David Bowie, a long time fan of Arcade Fire.


“We Exist”

Album: Reflektor, 2013

The music video features oscar nominated actor, Andrew Garfield, in the role of a transgender woman. The lead singer, Win Butler, described this song as, “a gay kid talking to his dad.”


“It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus)”

Album: Reflektor, 2013

“Orpheus” is a musician from greek mythology whose skill is so masterful that he is said to have brought his deceased wife back from the dead.


“Everything Now”

Album: Everything Now, 2017

The first single from the new album, Everything Now. A song that will always get you moving, no matter your mood.