15 of the World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Talk about dangerous travelling

Mashable just published a list of 15 roads around the world that provide some amazing tourist experiences, but also create a pit of fear in your stomach. Check out the list of the 15 most dangerous roads below:

Zoji La, India

The 5.6 mile road is the second highest pass on the Srinagar-Leh highway. At 11,575 ft., it connects Ladakh and Kashmir.

Transfăgărășan, Romania

Running between Romania’s highest two peaks, this road spans a winding 60 miles.

Dalton Highway, Alaska

This 414-mile barren highway only has 2 small villages along the way.

Khardung La, India

This road is a whopping 17,582 feet high. Are you driving or flying?

Yungas Road, Bolivia

Yungas Road is considered one of the most dangerous in the world – it takes 200 to 300 lives every year. It’s got a rock wall on one side and a 2,000-foot drop on the other.

Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

This road spans a Norwegian archipelago in Eide and Averøy.

Guoliang Tunnel, China

Built by local villagers, this road through the Taihang Mountains was the only link between the Village of Guoliang and the outside world until 1972. The 1,200 metre-long tunnel took five years to build, and is about 5 metres high and 4 metres wide.

Passage du Gois, France

This causeway is 2.7 miles long, but you can only drive across it for a few hours a day – the rest of the time, the tides of the Atlantic submerge it underwater.

Tianmen Mountain Road, China

After a 6.8 mile journey and 99 bends, you’ll finally reach the top of the mountain.

Dakhla Oasis, Egypt

A desert trail that provides many a photo op.

Haa, Hawaii

Kahalui and Hana, Maui, are connected by this narrow, winding 64.4 mile highway. It crosses 59 bridges (and 46 of them are only one lane wide), but is the route to many tourist attractions, like the Seven Sacred Pools. But, it’s sometimes closed to traffic because of landslides.

Kolyma Highway, Russia

This highway is called the “Road of Bones” because it was constructed with gulag prison labour. Prisoners who passed away while the road was being built were interred in the road. But, there’s still no rail link to the city, so it’s the only major land route in and out of Yakutsk.

Col de la Bonette, France

Close to the Italian border, this mountain pass is in the French Alps and is 8.907 feet high.

Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

This winding path connects Uri and Ticino in Switzerland.

Caucasus Mountain Road, Russia

You haven’t seen a narrow road until you’ve seen this.