15 Small things that make you want to explode with happiness

Little work = big emotional payoff

Otherwise known as small things, big pleasure, is any little thing that’s emotional payoff is larger than itself. It’s the little things in life that make everyday activities so rewarding. Here are 15 to reflect on and pretend you’re happy to be at work right now.

1. Solving the puzzle before the contestant on a game show.

2. Peeling the plastic off of new electronics.

3. Finishing your checkup at the dentist and realizing you don’t have to go to the dentist again for another year (or however often you’re supposed go to the dentist).

4. Putting on your winter coat for the first time this season and finding $3.75 in change and an old piece of gum in the pocket. Hidden treasure!

5. Peeling your socks off after a long hot day. I have also been told taking your bra off at the end of the day has this effect.

6. When the popcorn kernel that’s stuck on the back of your tongue finally releases its demon grip.

7. Peeling an orange all in one piece.

7. Fresh sheets.

8. Waking up, and then realizing it’s Saturday and you don’t have to get up to go into work.

9. That moment you skip the ad on YouTube.

10. The perfect high five.

12. That moment when you wake up an hour before your alarm and realize you have more time to sleep in.

13. That one moment in your favorite song.

14. Pulling through a parking spot.

15. Getting a bunch of likes on your facebook/twitter post (admit it you approval seeking narcissist).

What’s your favorite small thing, big pleasure? Share in the comments below.

Main image courtesy fdecomite via Flickr