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15 up-and-coming artists to check out at SXSW 2019

SXSW is fast approaching, with the festival running from March 8th to 17th in Austin, Texas, so you better get cracking on your must-see list!

Although there are tons of hit acts you won’t want to miss, you’re going to want to take some time and check out some of the unbelievably talented up and coming artists performing throughout the festival.

Check out our list of 15 up-and-coming artists to check out at SXSW 2019 below.

Angelica Garcia

Freshly released back into the world of musical independence after a major label stint, Virvinia’s Angelica Garcia further embraces the joyful swagger and whimsical storytelling of her 2016 debut with her latest single “Karma the Knife.”

Angie McMahon

Melbourne’s Angie McMahon employs her confessional songwriting and rich vocals to “ruminate on life, love and takeaway food.” Her brooding, emotionally intense folk rock will be making its first appearance in North America during SXSW.


Born in the back room of a West London chess club, this indie pop duo crafts bouncy, shimmering landscapes. Their self-described “alternative wonky indie electronic pop” conjures breezy summer vibes, which should pair nicely with the above freezing weather the city of Austin is gifted with in March!

Baby FuzZ

Brandon Lowry, A.K.A. Sterling Fox, A.K.A. Baby FuzZ, is well acquainted with the world of pop music, having written and produced for the likes of Lana del Rey, Charli XCX, and Madonna. The Montreal-based artist’s latest genre-spanning project channels the melancholy and drama of his past clientele in his own way.

The Beths

Kiwi quartet The Beths, consisting of long-time friends Elizabeth Strokes, Jonathan Pearce, Benjamin Sinclair, and Ivan Luketina-Johnston, craft breezy indie rock tunes. Their effortlessly likeable sound and sunny, upbeat disposition belie the sadly sincere lyrical contest.

Boy Azooga

Davey Newington’s musical agnosticism can be proven through his previous life as Charlotte Church’s drummer. Through trio Boy Azooga, the Welsh songsmith creates dreary indie rock with layers of psychedelic pop.

Easy Life

Drawing from hints of hip-hop, jazz, funk, and pop, Easy Life meshes multiple genres into a sound that’s purely their own. The Leicester, UK collective’s laid-back vibes and bursts of brass earned them the designation as one of VEVO’s “Ones to Watch” for 2019.

Eliza Shaddad

Having been born of Scottish and Sudanese lineage, living in 7 different, and studying both Philosophy and Jazz, it’s understandable how Eliza Shaddad’s moody alt-rock tunes flow with calm maturity. The London-based artist will be playing her first shows in North America during SXSW.

Ferris & Sylvester

Like Jade Bird, last year’s Grulke Prize winner for SXSW Breakout Artist, Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester’s brand of Americana hail from the UK. For over 6 months, the two performed the same Camden stage – but on different nights. Lucky for us, they’ve found each other, and together they craft sunny and anthemic folk rock tunes.

The Howl & The Hum

A self-proclaimed “miserable disco,” The Howl & the Hum commands cinematic and moody soundscapes into passionately hypnotic indie rock.

Hubert Lenoir

Darlène, the Polaris Prize short-listed album by Hubert Lenoir, is “a postmodern opera about the coming of age of a generation.” The self-dubber “French Canadian nightmate” mixes glam and psychedelic rock into a cinematic pop performance en Français.

I Know Leopard

The groovy, disco pop of Sydney quartet, I Know Leopard, bounces with personality. That they describe their debut album as a “space blanket” (“gleaming, shimmering, retro-futuristic, and synthetic, but will envelope you and warm you to your very core”) is itself indicative of the art pop world they create in.

Just Loud

The rebellious, inquisitive nature that resulted in him being cast away from his church is put to good use through Just Loud’s musical exploits. Jubilant, funky, and backed by Debbie Harry herself (she makes an appearance on single “Soul Train), the Atlanta native weaves R&B soul with electropop in a captivating way.


With minimalist indie pop production and hauntingly soaring vocals, Linying conjures up an atmospheric realm of calm. As the first female Singaporean soloist signed to Universal Music Singapore, she’s not only breaking glass ceilings, but also showcasing Singaporean musical talent through international performances and acclaim.


Australian artist Odette operates in the space between singer-songwriter sensibilities, spoken word poetry confessionalism, and classy R&B rhythms. Her striking vocals bring each well-worded observation to life.

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