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16 Best Day Trips From Toronto

When you’re going about your day-to-day life in Toronto, it’s easy to forget about all the glorious sights to be seen so close to home! Some of the best day trips from Toronto are just a short drive away.

In other words, all it takes to enjoy the best day trips from Toronto is a little motivation and the desire to step out of the ordinary.

The best day trips from Toronto include incredible parks, waterfalls, and beaches within a short drive. Let’s get you started on planning your next local adventure!

Best Hiking Day Trips

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

Image: @alanfphotos on Instagram

Located on the picturesque Bruce Trail, Mono Cliffs Provincial Park has many hiking trails. It’s also a “fall colours” hotspot!

Throughout the park, you’ll find an impressive diversity of ferns and cedars. If you walk through the canyon on the Spillway Trail, you’ll see huge, towering cliffs and incredible nature all around.

This park is open year-round for visits, and you’ll get to experience the diverse range of colours and scenery throughout the seasons.

Elora Gorge Park

day trips from toronto
image: @jerardmajellajoseph on Instagram

The Elora Gorge is one of the most spectacular natural areas in the Grand River Valley. Hike this area and you’ll be rewarded with 22 metre-high cliffs, riverside trails, and incredible scenery with stunning views.

You can even watch the tubing and kayaking down below through the rapids.

Please keep in mind that the gorge is deep and the walls are also steep and dangerous. Make sure you only hike on the marked trails – there are plenty of them to delight you!

You can check out this spot from May 1 to October 15 from 8am to 9pm.

Webster Falls/Dundas Peak

best day trips from Toronto
Image: @adriana_gabri on Instagram

One of Toronto’s hiking highlights, Dundas Peak is one of the most inspiring places to visit outside Toronto. It’s also one of the best waterfalls around the Toronto area. The colours in autumn will blow your mind.

In addition, the hike itself will bring you to one of the most stunning sights from the top of the climb. You’ll be able to catch some views of neighbouring towns, tiny in the distance. When you get up there, you’ll see the view is worthy of a postcard.

However, your Instagram feed can just as nicely feature all the beauties of this challenging hike. So snap away, and enjoy this amazing option among Toronto day trips.

Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

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Image: @golodhendil on Instagram

The Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge is located in Ferris Provincial Park on the outskirts of Campbellford. There’s a more detailed article about it here.

The bridge spans the Trent River Gorge, and the views of the scenery are breathtaking. Connect with nature, uninhibited, on this hike where you’ll find incredible views looking over the falls.

Every season has an amazing experience waiting for you at Ranney Gorge.

Rattlesnake Point

best day trips from Toronto
Image: @allisha.pelletier on Instagram

Rattlesnake Point is an excellent place to take a day trip from Toronto and do some rock climbing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to rock climbing, or a seasoned expert, you’ll have fun at Rattlesnake Point.

Once you’re finished defying gravity cliffside, you can take a leisurely stroll around the hiking trails of the park. This one is a really popular trip for Torontonians. As with a lot of spots that tend to be busy, the early bird gets the worm.

Or in this case, a spot on the rocks.

Best Summer Day Trips

Cobourg Beach

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image: @foodandtravelto on Instagram

Just an hour and a half outside Toronto, you’ll find this gorgeous little beach gem.

Lots of locals go here on the weekends, but it doesn’t seem to take away from the chill vibes. In addition to this, the water is incredible. You’ll want to visit in July and August for obvious reasons (the weather). You can swim, tan, and enjoy all the spot has to offer.

However, if you’re up for a more chilly dip, feel free to check out this gem among Toronto day trips any time of the year. Polar bear swim anyone?

Bluffers Park

Image: @toronto.ca

Originally designed to improve the public’s access to the base of Scarborough Bluffs, Bluffers Park is amazing!

This trip outside Toronto features a sandy beach for summer swimming, picnic areas, lots of walks, views, and a boat dock. So basically, you can meet all your summer wants and needs in one spectacular place.

There are quite a few other parks along the Scarborough Bluffs, so if you have more than one day, you’ll still have plenty to do. Kick back and relax on one of these amazing beaches!

Kew-Balmy Beach

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Image: @toronto_gal on Instagram

When most people think of swimmable beaches in Toronto, they think Woodbine. But just a short walk away is what’s known as “Woodbine’s older sister”. It’s a seriously under-rated stretch of sand.

Kew-Balmy is also arguably just as swimmable and enjoyable as Woodbine! It’s less rowdy, and less popular (meaning less busy). It also has the option for more off-leash dogs, and is much more quiet.

This pair of beaches may be for you if you’re more into the chill and less into the party.

Woodbine Beach

day trips from toronto
Image: @blogto on Instagram

One of the city’s most popular beaches, this is a major hot-spot for picnics, sunbathing, and swimming. Check out Woodbine and be treated to wide stretches of sand, summer activities, and lifeguards for safety.

The Donald D. Summerville Outdoor Olympic Pool is nearby if you’d like to practice your laps. Personally, I think why bother with the chlorine when you have fresh water just steps away?

There’s also a newly renovated bathing station on the beach which features upgraded ventilation and lighting, a big patio, change rooms, accessible restrooms, and a new roof!

Niagara on the Lake (for Wine Tasting)

best day trips from Toronto
image: @everglow_photography_ on instagram

If you’re keen to check out the surrounding area of Niagara Falls, make sure to do a wine tasting tour. It’s a little bit different than the usual tourist activity.

Few people know that the Niagara region is famous for its wines. Several different vineyards from the region offer incredible tasting options.

If you like, you can also include a stop at the beautiful town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Here you can explore the history and background of this world-famous area.

Check out a Niagara Winery Tour from Toronto, and make one of your next Toronto day trips memorable and sassy!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls
Image: @jamus91 on Instagram

No trip to Toronto is complete without a trip to the glorious Niagara Falls. The view of the water in all its power crashing down is something you must see.

At this breathtaking, world-renowned stop, you can have lunch with a view, or watch the water from the Hornblower Boat on the lake.

Best Winter Day Trips

Blue Mountain

day trips from toronto
Image: @bluemtnresort on Instagram

A ski resort and area just outside of Collingwood, this hot spot (which is actually quite cold) is located just two and a half hours outside of Toronto.


The skiing at Blue Mountain is both busy and exciting. In addition to this, you can also snow shoe and skate on various offerings of terrain. The beauty of this spot is that you can also hit up the hot tubs, rope swings, and lounging chairs at the aquatic centre close by.

Scandinave Spa 

In addition to all of the incredible outdoor spots you can take in at Blue Mountain, they have a major bonus. Scandinave Spa is famous worldwide for its hold/cold pools and incredible landscaping. It’s a huge treat.

Make a solid day out of these two stops. You’ll get exercise and exhilaration, followed by deep relaxation.

Elora Gorge

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Image: @kostreyphotography on Instagram

Elora is a community in the township of Centre Wellington, in Wellington County. It’s well known for its limestone architecture. Further to that, it’s famous for its geographically stunning Elora Gorge.

The Elora Gorge Conservation Area covers over 350 acres of breathtaking, natural landscape. You’ll see The Grand River, and get the opportunity for so many photo ops you won’t be able to keep up. Pack a picnic to enjoy. You can also camp!

And if you’re looking for something super to do with the family for Christmas, check out the Elora Centre for the Arts. It’s an incredible time of tasty treats, starlight shopping, and a Christmas tree display complete with beautiful Christmas lights. This spectacular event will not only entertain you but also help you cross off a bunch of your Christmas shopping list. Lots of local vendors feature their wares for purchase and display.

Sand Lake Ice Caves

best day trips from toronto
Image: @iangriffinphotography on Instagram

The Sand Lake Ice Caves are located just east of Sand Lake. You’ll find them off of the ADSC (Almaguin District Snowmobile Club) trail 301. The overall site is spectacular, especially if you love the form and features that ice can take. It’s awe-inspiring.

Visit this spot, and you can also check out the snowmobiling and snowshoeing. In addition to this, the ice is incredible. It forms a 3D explorer’s paradise that’s nicely tucked into a small, sheltered bay area. What’s interesting is that the cave formations change year to year. If you visit one year, you’ll have an entirely different experience the next! The incredible colour and clarity, however, remains the same.

You’ll very likely see wolves, deer, and moose on this adventure. Be safe!

Torrance Barrens (for Northern Lights)

day trips from toronto
Image: @explore.ontario on Instagram

Torrance Barrens conservation area and dark sky reserve is a must-see outside of Muskoka.  The reserve consists of Crown Lands and is notable as the first “dark-sky preserve” in Canada! The geological and environmental features here are just incredible, and are unique in their location.

The location and topography make the Torrance Barrens a sweet location for night-time sky viewing. There’s no light pollution from nearby cities, so it’s a perfect place to watch the Northern Lights.

The reserve is mostly surrounded by undeveloped private lands and other parks. Because of this, it’s retain the natural darkness of the night. The natural open spaces and lack of surrounding high hills will give you an unobstructed panorama view of the horizon!

Prince Edward County (for Wine Tasting)

best day trips from toronto
Image: @adegapec on Instagram

Prince Edward County, Ontario is a spectacular day trip outside of Toronto with nearly 40 wineries! New ones are appearing every year, and the wine just keeps getting better and better in this region.

The limestone-rich soils of this unique landscape helps to make wines with an unmistakable flavour and essence. You can taste the natural minerals of the soil right in the wine. And even though it remains a prime wine experience, it’s not pretentious at all.

You can sit back and sip in tasting rooms of rustic old barns, industrial spaces, and modern buildings. It never gets boring! I mean, wine rarely does, right?

In Conclusion on the Best Day Trips From Toronto

We hope you’ve enjoyed this compilation of the best day trips from Toronto! Keep in mind that you liven a spectacular area of the country, and get out there and explore!

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