16 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

No excuses not to dress up now

For the record, getting people to guess your costume is the last thing anyone wants to do half cut at a Halloween party, so use these with caution, and be quick to explain what you are. Here are 16 last minute Halloween costumes.

1. Put a pot on your head, you are a pothead.

2. Tape a bunch of purple balloons on yourself, you are grapes.


3. Tell your friends you’ll meet them at the bar but stay at home, you are a really good ninja, or a plummer, or your teenage dealer, I don’t know, something that is stealthy/unreliable.

4. Tie your iron around your neck, you are iron man.

5. Tape nickles to your back, you are Nickelback


6. Wear sunglasses inside the club/bar, you are a douche bag.

7. Tape the number 1, 2, 3, 4 on yourself, you are an old Feist song, or someone you can count on.

8. Get a wig or draw a mustache on yourself, you are your evil twin

9. Fasten a shoe to your head, you are a piece of gum


10. Print off a picture of your face, cut eye holes, you are yourself

11. Shave your head and draw an 8 on it, you are an 8-ball…or don’t put and 8 and you are a cue ball?

12. Tape some candy to yourself and carry around a bag of dolls, you are reverse trick or treating.

13. Tape smarties to your pants, you are smarty pants.


14. Wear a pink shirt with a Floyd name tag, you are Pink Floyd

15. Draw a scar on your face, you are Scarface

16. Stab some holes in a box of cereal and tape it to yourself, you are a cereal killer.