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Is This 163 Year Old Man The Real Deal Or Just A Hoax??

Meet Mbah Gotho: Allegedly The Oldest Man In The World (By Quite A Bit)

The 163 year old man from Central Java, Indonesia, has been making headlines for awhile. It’s hard not to when you’ve (supposedly) reached an age that most people cannot even conceive of.

Mbah Gotho, who actually reached an age of 146 years of age and passed away in 2017, says that the key to long life is patience. There are so many rumours and mixed messages around this story, so we’re going to set some of them straight for you right now.

He’s Got The ID To Prove It (Though His Age Hasn’t Yet Been Completely Verified)

163 year old man
Image: @1of1alchemy on Instagram

Because of records taken back in those days, it’s hard to say what year Mr. Gotho was actually born.

In 2014, local Indonesian authorities issued him an I.D. card with his alleged birthday, December 31, 1870. However, neither Guinness World Records or any other similar body of record-keeping would issue him the documentation he and his family wanted.

Because the 163 year old man did not have an independent, third-party verification from an international source, he’s been denied any kind of a formal recognition of being the eldest man in the world. While this is unfortunate if he was indeed born in 1870, it’s customary in situations like this, and understandable as well from the perspective of public international record-keeping.

In 2022, It Wasn’t Mbah Gotho Who Started Making The Rounds On Tik Tok

163 year old man
Image: @konsultasi.kehamilan.anda on Instagram

Recently, a man who is allegedly even older than Mbah Gotho started making the rounds on Tik Tok, thanks so his grand daughter who took a video of him that quickly went viral.

This guy, who is dressed in monk apparel, is supposedly 40 years older than the oldest documented human in history.

…Along With All Kinds Of False Claims 

Only problem with this story is that there are a whole bunch of false claims surrounding this gentleman, who looks like he’d fall over if the wind hit him the wrong way.

This man, who is shown in videos embracing his granddaughter, is not Indonesian Mbah Gotho, but rather a very elderly man in Thailand who appears to be a monk.

One of the rumours was that he was doing a religious practice of self-mummification. It’s a known Buddhist practice to turn oneself into a mummy while technically still being alive. This certainly looks like it could be the case!

Turns out it’s not the case. The man in these videos is 109 years old, and he’s from Thailand. His name is Luang Pho Yai, and it turns out that the mummification rumours are fake.

Will We Ever Know How Old He Really Is? 

Sadly, we will never truly know how old either of these men are, not to mention if the 163 year old man is a hoax.

Due to the record keeping back in those days, as well as the difference in census in developing countries, there’s no way to truly tell the age of these gentlemen.

What we do know, however, is that it appears that they lived rich, full lives. Mr. Mbah Gotho shared a message of patience and kindness, and Mr. Luang Pho Yai appears to be surrounded by family and love.

One can only hope for such things at any age, let alone the ripe age of past-centenarian.

Live long and prosper!

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