17 Tracks by Canadian Female-Fronted artists to listen to this International Women’s Day

A playlist of our fellow Canadian women to do the day right

Happy International Women’s Day to the lovely women and femmes of this world!

We hope you are all having an amazing day and we at Indie88 were hoping we could make it even better. We wanted to celebrate our fellow women in Canada and have put together a list of killer female-fronted artists from across the country so you can rock out all day long.

Check out our list of tracks by Canadian female-fronted acts to take a listen to this International Women’s Day below.

Dear Rouge – “Chains”

Earlier this year, Dear Rouge released a new music video for their song “Chains”. The video is stark and moody as frontwoman Danielle McTaggart makes her way through a gloomy forests, encountering fire and wolves while running as fast as she can. The track revolves around the idea that love and pain can be one in the same, and the video does the perfect job of symbolizing that.

July Talk – “Summer Dress”

Back in 2017, the group had an unbelievable sold-out three nights at Massey Hall. As part of the Ghost Light series, Peter and Leah of the band performed a stripped down version of “Summer Dress” on stage in the legendary venue. The song belongs to July Talk’s self-titled debut album from 2013.

The Beaches – “Fascination”

At the end of 2018, The Beaches released their sweet single, “Fascination.” This song showcases each of the glam rockers’ distinctive skills like Jordan Miller’s throaty vocals, Kylie Miller’s killer guitar riffs, Leandra Earl’s hook-filled guitar lines and background vocals, and Eliza McDaniel’s contagious beat. The track is energetic, and set to a sort of manic instrumental track that before, you could only experience at The Beaches’ live performances.

POESY – “Strange Little Girl”

Powerful alt-rock singer-songwriter POESY has a number of records this stellar track, “Strange Little Girl.” The rebellious tune is full of dark and powerful alt-rock rhythms and empowering lyrics that explore the importance of female strength. There are clear influences from female 90’s rock legends like PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, and Alanis Morissette, as POESY adds a modern lyrical twist to the gritty rock structure.

Dilly Dally – “Doom”

Off of their LP, Heaven, Dilly Dally has a song that just speaks to the soul, “Doom.” “The song is about preserving your spirit despite all odds,” singer-guitarist Katie Monks said in a release. “When your friends are out of reach, and you feel like you could fall forever into a deep depression, this song is asking you to catch yourself.

DIZZY – “Backstroke”

The song “Backstroke” is just like it says, a breath of fresh air and weightlessness. In a press release, Munshaw wrote: “It’s easy to submerge yourself so deeply into a relationship that by the end of it you’re gasping for air, wondering how you got there in the first place. Sometimes all you can do is flip onto your back, catch your breath and float for a bit.”

Alvvays – “Dreams Tonite”

Toronto-based indie rockers Alvvays dug up archival footage of Montreal’s Expo ’67 for their video from their fantastic sophomore record Antisocialites. The “Dreams Tonite” video features a look at some imagery from the 1967 International and Universal Exposition, as well as the band not appearing a bit out of place as they perform the song.

Weaves – “Walkaway”

The video for “Walkaway” sees Weaves travelling through dusty, dirt road landscapes while Jasmyn Burke sings “walkaway, walkaway girl, if you know what’s good for you.” In an interview between Weaves and NPR, Burke revealed that she was “stuck in a moment of having to make a decision to stay or leave an unhealthy situation” when she wrote “Walkaway.”

LOWELL – “War Face”

Lowell’s debut album We Loved Her Dearly was one of 2014’s most pleasant musical surprises. In 2018, the singer-songwriter returned with her sophomore effort, Lone Wolf, via Arts & Crafts. “War Face” was the first single released and is still a complete and total jam.

Charlotte Cardin – “Drive”

Charlotte Cardin released a simple, yet powerful video for her groovy new track “Drive” back in January. The tune is smooth and sultry, with Cardin’s distinctive raspy falsettos and deep, throaty verses. “Drive” has a catchy hook as the iconic Montreal singer lulls, “Baby if you let me be/ the birthday to your party,/ I’ll say don’t ever leave me, be/ the always to my maybe.”

Metric – “Love You Back”

Metric has just dropped a fan-driven video for “Love You Back,” composed of a number of videos submitted via social media and edited together. The track revolves around moving on from getting trapped in the parts of ourselves that we can’t change, and it comes accompanied by a perfectly suiting video. “The video for ‘Love You Back’ is performed by fans, each owning the song in their own way,” Metric frontwoman Emily Haines explains.

Stars – “Are You With Me?”

The Canadian indie pop outfit have a song “Are You With Me?” and part of the song was inspired by Canadian legend Gord Downie, who died last year after a lengthy battle with brain cancer. “The words to this song came about after Torq spent one liquidy night sending text messages to Gord’s old cell phone number,” the band explained in a statement. “It’s very difficult not to miss that guy, and sometimes you just want to send a message into the ether and hope he receives it.”

The Weather Station – “Thirty”

Toronto’s Tamara Lindeman, a.k.a. The Weather Station, released her fourth album in 2017. Having previously shared the record’s first single, “Thirty,” she delivered a video for the song and it is amazing. “I’ve always been curious what would happen if you presented a simple performance video, but instead of the usual enthusiastic audience and indomitable performer, you presented a disinterested or even hostile audience and a vulnerable performer,” Lindeman told The Fader.

Hey Ocean! – “Amsterdam”

In 2018,The band released a music video for “Amsterdam.” The video was shot by frontwoman Ashleigh Ball’s boyfriend, Dustin, on his iPhone and a small Olympus camera. It features Ball riding around Amsterdam on a bike. “I just fell in love. I never knew the magic that city possessed and I decided the only way to capture the same magic for a music video for this song was to go back!” Ball said in a release.

Charlotte Day Wilson – Stone Woman

Charlotte Day Wilson released an EP, Stone Woman, back in early 2018. She also unveiled a video to go with the record’s title track. Inspired by David Bowie’s “Heroes,” Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” and Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests, director Devon Little crafted what the artist calls “an image of strength, beauty and vulnerability.”

Milk & Bone – “Trust”

This dynamic duo released a song just in December of 2018 and “Trust” speaks to the listener on such a deep level. The bass and the vocals come together to display the incredibly daunting blend that comes from this song. The single comes almost a year after the release of their album Deception Bay and hopefully the hits don’t stop rolling in.

Hannah Georgas – Imprints

AND JUST TODAY, Juno nominated artist Hannah Georgas has released Imprints, a collection of covers of tracks by influential women in her life. The 4-song EP features Georgas’ renditions by The Cranberries, Eurythmics, Janet Jackson, and Tegan and Sara, but Georgas isn’t be the only rad artist lending her musical talents to the EP. Imprints features accompanying vocals from Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig of Lucius, Emily King, and Montaigne and Tamara Lindeman of Weather Station.