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20 Best Oakville Restaurants For Any Occasion

A short drive from Toronto will take you to Oakville, and the Oakville restaurants are well worth the day trip. There are so many cool and fun restaurants to choose from. They all make the dining scene in Oakville something to remember.

So whether you’re heading to Lion’s Valley Park, Gairloch Gardens, or the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, you can fuel your trip with Oakville’s amazing restaurants.

5 Best Oakville Restaurants For A Casual Meal

  1. Soontorn Bahn Thai

    Looking for the authentic taste of Thailand in one of the many Oakville restaurants? Look no further than the mouth-watering menu at Soontorn. The interior is beautiful, and the menu is contemporary and downright delish. It’s sexy here, but still casual… don’t worry.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: Soontorn Bahn Thai on Facebook
  2. Chop Steakhouse

    Chop has a sense of humour, and a delicious range of casual offerings. Their Instagram gives a shoutout to food for being the most consistent relationship we’ll ever have. For instance, when you’re eating at Chop, you can nestle into steak bites, pasta, and a delicious wine list. Enjoy!

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @chopsteakhouse on Instagram
  3. Agabi Restaurant

    Agabi is casual dining at its best. With a super comfortable interior, a great range of offerings food-wise, and a focus on service, this is a perfect stop for your casual dining date. There’s word of a relocation, so stay tuned via their website before you take the trip.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @agabirestaurant on Instagram
  4. Plank Restaurant

    Plank is classic comfort food in a modern set with a great crowd and good reviews. They are open for dine-in seven days a week. However, make reservations through their website as they are often full.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @plankrestobar on Instagram
  5. Asian Fusion 168

    Casual, delicious, warm, and amazing, Asian Fusion 168 is a hit with locals and gets good reviews all around. The Beef Hakka Noodle dish is well rounded and the flavours and textures are spot-on. The Honey Mustard Chicken is also amazing, with homemade sauce and just the right amount of sweetness.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @asianfusion168 on Instagram

5 Best Fancy Restaurants In Oakville For A Night Out

  1. Ritorno Restaurant

    Ritorno is super passionate about serving excellent food. With an emphasis on family dining, they believe that people who live intensely, without reservations, can extract everything from every moment. That includes the incredibly delicious food on their menu. They’re currently open for in-person, but call ahead to get a table. Oh, and try the gnocchi, ok?

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @ritornooakville on Instagram
  2. Cucci

    The date nights here are epic. However, Cucci serves up far more than just a date experience. Dine with family, or even make a corporate reservation at this classy joint.  The elegant venue offers modern Italian cuisine, as well as live music, an intimate dining experience, and exceptional service. Their promise: the best in hospitality.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @cucci_oakville on Instagram
  3. Borgo Antico Cucina Bar

    Whether you want to book an intimate dinner for two, or host a party in a private setting, Borgo is your place. They can even serve special events for up to 100 people. Delicious food and drinks flow freely from the kitchen and bar respectively in this inviting dining space.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @borgoanticobistrot on Instagram
  4. Noble Bistro

    The seafood at Noble Bistro is now available for dine in, and the locals in Oakville are pretty stoked about that. With two different locations now, they serve up everything from lobster bisque to calamari (both grilled and fried – your choice) to P.E.I Mussels. Or you can dig into their wild jumbo shrimp for a textbook oxymoron and some delicious bites.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @noblebistroseafood on Instagram
  5. Riyasat Indian Restaurant

    Riyasat serves food full of authenticity from the incredibly vast cuisine of India. They have a wide array of specialty dishes, innovated and designed by their chef to brighten up your tastebuds. They consider your satisfaction a ritual, and exceed expectations to offer world class service among the best.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @_indian_food_lovers_ on Instagram

5 Favorite Oakville Restaurants For Lunch

  1. Stoney’s Bread Company

    Stoney’s wants to be the first restaurant to come to your mind when you think: “I’d love a great restaurant with amazing food and charm”. Stoney’s is a casual eatery with market fresh food and a fun, unique atmosphere. They serve familiar classics with a modern twist. Changing the face of casual dining is high on their priority list, and everything is made with only the freshest ingredients.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @stoneysbreadcompany on Instagram
  2. Blondies Pizza

    Blondies has six different locations, and their branding is on-point with pink and sass. The pizzeria in the pink building, they are known for from-scratch, fermented dough. With this, they create what they call “a beauty of a pie” and you can add either red or BLONDE sauce. We love also that they specify using full-fat mozzarella to blanket their pizza. If you’re gonna do it, do it with full fat mozzarella.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @blondies_pizza on Instagram
  3. Just Braise Sandwiches

    Just Braise sandwiches combine classic braising techniques with a wide array of flavours and textures. They put a lot of time and energy into creating unique combinations that still nod towards classics. We’re talking about a Pho Beef Banh Mi, Nashville Hot Sandwich, BBQ Pulled Pork, and a Sriracha Honey Karaage. Sounds like sandwich dreams come true.

  4. Seasons Restaurant 

    Seasons Restaurant is open from 12-9 daily and they serve up a bomb lunch. They’ve been open for over 18 years. With snacks like crispy artichokes, crispy cauliflower, and grilled octopus, you’re going to get something different. The reuben with fries is a favourite on the menu and rumour has it that the vanilla creme brûlée is to die for. They must be confident on their service as well – they automatically add 18% gratuity onto each bill!

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @seasonsoakville
    on Instagram
  5. Salad Thai

A super cute family restaurant in Kerr Street Village, Salad Thai offers an intimate dining experience and bustling takeout counter. Enjoy mango salad, pad Thai, and sweet and sour soup that will leave your tastebuds wanting more.

best restaurants in Oakvill
Image: @cle.36 on Instagram

5 Best Best Bars That Serve Food

  1. Harpers Landing

    Famous for their patio, Harpers Landing offers nourishing ambiance both in and outside. With a lot of pub grub faves on the menu, this restaurant-bar serves up tacos, pizza, burgers, and fries with classic style. The Truffle Mushroom Risotto is to die for. A beauty of Harpers is that they also allow you to book for large groups as well.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @foodwineadventures on Instagram
  2. Beertown

    Can somebody please say beer and fish tacos? Mmm, yes please. Beertown in Cambridge is super popular. Because of this, they’ve expanded to include locations in London, Guelph, and Barrie. Watch sports, drink beer, eat good food, and laugh with your friends. And as a bonus, Beertown is celebrated for having one of the best vegan menus in Oakville. That alone makes it worthy of one of the best Oakville restaurants.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @beertownpublic on Instagram
  3. Browns Socialhouse

    Browns is an institution, especially for a chain restaurant. The bar here is hopping, and full of great drink opportunities. Pair them with one of their favourite, casual dishes and you’ve got a date or a pal hang for the books in Oakville!

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @brownsgrandview on Instagram
  4. The Pipes and Taps Pub

    The Pipes and Taps Pub hosts lots of fun events, and offers up delicious food and drinks to get the conversation started. It’s casual here, cool and comfortable with a homey feel. Keep in mind they have limited space available with Covid restrictions.

    best restaurants in Oakville
    Image: @datdiz on Instagram
  5. The Temple Bar

    The Temple Bar has been serving up impressive food and drink since 2016. They serve ice-cold, premium beers, fresh food, and good service. The vision has been a perfect place for friends to meet, and according to their reviews they have succeeded!

best restaurants in Oakville
Image: Temple Bar Website

We hope you enjoy all the incredible food Oakville has to offer!

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