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20 last minute Halloween costumes for the procrastinator in your life

Halloween is quickly approaching. If you are a procrastinator, this article is for you. These 20 costume ideas are super simple and perfect for a last-minute DIY.

Check out 20 last-minute Halloween costumes below!

Ceiling Fan

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Grab a pompom and a giant foam finger and write “Go Ceiling.” You just became a ceiling fan.


Yellow sweater? Check. Round glasses? Check. Cardboard ears? Check.

Rosie the Riveter

Show off your girl power this Halloween by channeling your inner Rosie the Riveter.


Red and white stripes and a pair of glasses and we will know exactly where Waldo is!

Gumball Machine

For this costume, all you need is some red pants and pompoms… lots of pompoms.

French Kiss

This costume will rock and roll all night. Grab a baguette, a beret, and some black and white face paint. Magnifique!

David Byrne in the ‘Once in a Lifetime’ video

You may find yourself, looking just like David Byrne. All you need is a suit, a bow tie, and a pair of glasses. Throw in some wacky dance moves and you’ve got yourself a once in a lifetime costume!

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For this costume, all you need is a white shirt and a sharpie!

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Either dress in your best suit or best dress and hand out roses all night!


Pull out that Hawaiian shirt and throw on your best vacation hat, walk around and take a ton of photos and you are a tourist!

Damien from Mean Girls

“She doesn’t even go here!”

Harry Potter

Draw on a lightning bolt scar, grab some glasses and fetch a stick from the yard as your “wand.” It’s easy to become this iconic character.

The Brawny Man

Plaid button-up, a beard and a glowing smile is all you need to become the Brawny paper towel man!

Morton Salt Girl

Have the saltiest costume around this Halloween. Grab a blonde wig, a yellow dress and an umbrella, and voila!

Risky Buisness

A white button-up, shades and some white socks is all you need to nail this costume!


So spooky. So easy.

Cereal Killer

Clever and creepy. Perfect Halloween costume.

Crazy Cat Person

Get a robe and glue some stuffed cats to it, crazy cat person!

Clark Kent/Superman

All you need for this is a superman shirt hidden under some professional-looking threads! The glasses are a good touch too.

Princess Leia

A white dress and side buns are all you need to knock this costume out of the galaxy!

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