3 Exciting Indie Reunions

Never thought you'd hear from these bands again

There’s nothing worse than when one of your favourite bands break up and you’re all “Oh maaaaaan! Now I’ll never see them live or hear another record!” Well, suck it up you big baby. They might get back together with little to no warning and then you’ll be all “whoah dude! Sweet surprise-age!”. OK, maybe only if you’re Pauly Shore. Here are a few bands that I thought I would never hear from again only to be pleasantly surprised by a reunion record or tour.

1. Neutral Milk Hotel

NMH reunited this year for a massive tour and I caught them on Sunday here in Toronto. It was great to see them onstage again (I saw them in TO in ’98, one of my favourite shows ever) playing songs from one of the best records of our time.

2. My Bloody Valentine

This group is why you like your guitars washy and vocals buried in the mix. The most successful “shoegaze” band dropped a new record last year with no warning after a long hiatus. I sure missed MBV!!

3. Polvo

The band I always hoped would reunite did and have since released 2 amazing records. They are super weird math rock but they have a keen sense of melody to take the edge off of the aggressive stuff. Maybe they just needed a nap?