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3 Hidden Snapchat Features that will up Your Snap Game

Sure, we’ve all figured out how to access that black/white/pink colour pallet, but there are even more tips and tricks to take your Snapchat game to the next level. Read on.

1. Use two filters at once

Sometimes we’re faced with really tough decisions in life. For instance, you really want to use that geotag filter to show your buds where you are, but are feeling a little pale today and could definitely benefit from the bright filter that makes your skin glow. Well, what if we told you that you can use BOTH? Here’s how: swipe to the first filter you want to use, then hold your finger down while you swipe with the other hand to select the next filter. SnapMagic.


2. Add extra lines of text

One line of text is hardly enough to express yourself sometimes. Cheat the system with this handy trick using your note pad. Open up Notes, press enter a bunch of times and copy and paste that empty space onto your snap. You’ll have to manually move the curse down to the next line of text. Voila, now you have ample room for nonsense.


3. Create your own colour filters

Why limit yourself to the filters Snapchat wants you to use when you have the entire rainbow of emojis to choose from? Add any colour filter by selecting an emoji of that colour, enlarging it (two-finger zoom) so big that the edges begin to pixelate. Then move the emoji so the blurry edges are covering your photo.


Know something we don’t? Share your SnapSecrets below!

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