3 Reasons Why a new Radiohead Album is Imminent

We could be moments away

U.K. based group, Radiohead are one of the most influential rock groups in recent years, consistently releasing critically-acclaimed albums over the past 20 years. That explains why any movement from the band around a new release will be watched, scrutinized, and calculated – not to mention their reputation for surprising fans with new releases overnight.

In recent months, several reports have gone out detailing Radiohead’s work in the shadows on their upcoming album, trying to determine it’s surrounding details. With all the reports and rumors rolling around, we combined the most probable reasons why a new album is coming very soon.

Spring & Summer Tour

In mid-march, Radiohead announced a number of shows as early as May 20th through to October, including a stop over in Montreal for Osheaga. This would be the band’s first set of live shows since 2012’s King of Limbs tour. The band also shared a new image online, which could either be a new album cover, or re-branding. Either way, change is good.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that new tour = new music. What else would they play? (That’s a joke)

“Dawn Chorus”

Since October, the band has been buying up and registering a number of companies. First it was Dawn Chorus LLP back in October, followed by Dawnnchoruss Ltd. in March. This follows the same pattern as when Radiohead bought up Xurbia Xendless Ltd in 2007 shortly before releasing In Rainbows.

While it’s unlikely that “Dawn Chorus” will be exact title of their upcoming album, no doubt Radiohead will incorporate this riddle somehow into the new project. Before In Rainbows, fans received images of hundreds of white arrows pointing up and black arrows pointing down with the message “Xurbia Xendless”, which most likely eluded to the track “Up Is The New Down” from said album. Xurbia Xendless in binary code is 1010101010 — which referenced October 10th, the day In Rainbows was released.

Dawn Chorus, which is the singing of a large group of birds at the start of the day, could reference a track on the album, or could be a cipher for when the album is released. Whichever it is, we’re intrigued.


Streaming Catalog Moving Around

Determined fans on Reddit discovered this week that a number of B-side tracks had disappeared from Radiohead’s catalogue on online streaming services. According to Rolling Stone, special collectors editions and deluxe tracks off of In Rainbows went missing, as well as “Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong” and “The Trickster” from The Bends, and “How I Made My Millions” from the OK Computer era. Shortly after, Radiohead’s label XL explained that removing bonus tracks are part of the process of switching labels in a press release:

“As a result of the transfer of Radiohead’s catalog from Warner Music to Beggars Group [XL Recording’s parent company], the band’s catalog on Spotify has been streamlined, meaning that a small number of products are no longer available,” a Spotify spokesman said in a statement. “However, the band’s core album catalogue remains available to their millions of fans on Spotify as before.”

Simply put, this could mean Radiohead’s label XL, which belongs to the Beggars Group branch is reorganizing Radiohead’s assets before the new album is released.


What does it all mean? Maybe we’ll wake up one morning to the sounds of birds and a new Radiohead LP. Let’s hope it’s soon.