3 Reasons Why I’m Trying Out Veganism

Take the two week Vegan challlenge!

Let me preface this by saying I have been a meat eater all my life, but after learning a little more about factory farming, I can no longer justify eating animals.

I recently watched the documentary Vegucated on Netfliix, and the resulting experience made the thought of eating meat turn my stomach. That’s why I’ve decided to try a two week vegan trial before making this major life decision. Will I ever eat meat again?

I challenge you to try it for two weeks and see how it goes – who knows, you may benefit from it for other reasons than myself. Here are my top three reasons that I disagree with eating meat. This is my personal opinion and not a commentary on other’s life choices!

1. Factory Farming

Vegucated exposed a number of farms who were filmed abusing animals and engaging in seriously unethical farming methods. While this isn’t the case for most farms, as long as farms treat their slaughterhouses like a horror movie I can’t agree with supporting the industry.

Here is the clip on factory farming from Vegucated. This WILL be hard to watch but it is SO important. You should know where your food could be coming from. (EXPLICIT IMAGES)

2. Environment

Livestock beats out transport when it comes to global greenhouse gas emissions. That includes road, rail, air and marine. Worried about the global water shortage? It takes 660 gallons of water to make one hamburger. Cowspiracy is a great film to watch about the impact eating meat has on the environment.

3. Health Benefits

There are many studies and reports that say eating a plant based diet will lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

From my own personal experience. I feel great; I’m less tired, rarely hungry. Never full; I am content. I also noticed that I don’t get food cravings, whereas I used to always think about what I was going to eat next. Now I don’t. The hardest part is giving up cheese but there are a lot of cashew based substitutes out there. Toronto might be the best place to go vegan.

Here is a great resource for those looking to take the challenge. Again this is solely my opinion.