3 Secret Netflix Tricks for Better Streaming Quality

Binge watch away

While we’ve already been warned about the effects of binge-watching on our brains and culture as a whole, sometimes you just need to watch an entire season Narcos in one weekend.

There’s nothing worse than settling in for a good binge watch only to be greeted by blurry versions of all your favourite characters. Luckily some tech savvy people have figured out a few easy ways to avoid the dreaded buffering pause.


This command opens up a panel that will tell you how your settings are affecting your viewing. It will also tell you the current bitrate (number of bits that are processed each second) for streaming and buffering, framerate (number of images conveyed each second) and latency.


Once you have found out your bitrate, this command allows you to change that (you’ll want a higher bitrate to improve picture quality most of the time), as well as your CDN (content delivery network). If you’re streaming at a really busy time for your network, you may want to lower the bitrate to avoid frequent pauses.


So now that you’ve mucked around with your bitrate and CDN, has the quality gotten worse? This command allows you to see your history of changes so you can easily switch back.

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