3 Things Revealed in The New Star Wars: Force Awakens Trailer

There's a lot to take in -- but beware, possible spoilers

J.J. Abrams and crew have just shared third trailer for the newest Star Wars film of the franchise The Force Awakens. The trailer came along side the release of presale tickets for the films December 18th premiere. It’s pretty dang hard to hold back your excitement watching this trailer, because like in all remakes, sequels and prequels it reveals some major plot points. Without giving too much away, here are our three favorite plot points that you may or may not have caught. Check out the trailer in the player above first.

Kylo Ren is Darth Vader obsessed


We get a closer look into this films supervillian, Kylo Ren in this trailer. Ren owns Darth Vaders decimated mask, and also seems to share his sentiment of mega-weapons. With the reoccurring burning red light in this trailer and the poster, it could point to the next Death-Star like weapon Kylo Ren has created. “I will finish what you started” he says.

Princess Leia


Yes, — and in case this hasn’t already been ruined by IMDB pages and casting announcements, Carrie Fisher is reprising her role as the beloved sister to Luke Skywalker/Han Solo’s love interest, Princess Leia. The split second she’s in the trailer she’s crying, which could be either happy or sad tears.

Finn’s Saber


Looks awfully familiar doesn’t it? Well it really should, because if the blue doesn’t give it away that is Luke Skywalker’s light saber. Does that mean that Finn takes over Skywalker’s place in the force? We will see.