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3 Tips To Get Into A Band With A Cult Following

This past weekend at Field Trip, I finally got to see the Constantines. It’s been a band that I have always wanted to see live, because as almost every fan points out; “you haven’t experienced the Cons, until you’ve seen them live.”

All those die hard fans weren’t wrong, and after their set I wanted more. But where do you start with a band that you’re so incredibly late to join in on.

Here are a three methods I’m going to try, since they’re ones I dole out with other people.

1. Don’t be Embarrassed
Let’s face it, the only embarrassment you should feel is if you cop out and buy a “best of” record. Chances are your super fan buddy is going to talk your ear off.

2. Start Simple
The biggest mistake you can make is rushing into it. A friend asked me about Interpol the other day and I almost overloaded her with picks. Instead, I kept it easy by telling her one album to start with (it was Turn on the Bright Lights). If you rush into it and buy the entire discography, you will be overwhelmed.

3. Trust your Friends
A while back I was going through this same problem with Neutral Milk Hotel (I know…I don’t know what rock I was living under either). Unsure of which of their albums to start with, I asked my buddy at my local record store. He pointed me to Aeroplane Over the Sea, I trusted him, and I’ve never been happier.

So what album would you start your friend off with your favourite band? And more importantly, which Cons record should I start with?

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