4 A.M. Last Call May Be Coming To Toronto Venues This Summer

Toronto Music Passport hoping to extend last call times

Members of the Music Advisory Council of Toronto are looking to do more to stop Toronto venues from shuttering operations.

After what was something of a record couple of years in terms of Toronto music venue closures, organizers behind The Toronto Music Passport have devised a way for some bars and venues to make extra profit: extending last call times to 4 a.m.

According to the website, The Toronto Music Passport festival was developed last year in wake of the many “alarming closure of music venues” such as The Silver Dollar Room, The Hideout, The Central and more. The festival runs for nine consecutive weeks from July 6th to September 2nd, running at venues including The Baby G, Lee’s Palace, The Velvet Underground and more.

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One club owner, Spencer Sutherland told CBC “all the venues that participated felt that it made the difference between breaking even versus… operating at a loss.”

According to CBC, 12 venues were approved for the extended liquor license in 2017. This year, more than 200 bars and venues have registered online to apply. Only 25 or so will most likely be permitted, Sutherland says.

Though many worry about the very real possibility of more noise complains at with extended liquor laws. For the idea to move forward, city council will have to approve it before heading to Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Check The Toronto Music Passport festival’s website for full details.
Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash