5 Bands Who Started Their Own Record Label

Bands other than Dan Mangan who've started their own labels

Dan Mangan is issuing his latest album through Arts & Crafts but just announced he will be starting his own record label called Madic Records. Mangan says it’s been a longstanding pipe dream of his and it’s going to be used to spread the word on music he doesn’t think is getting enough attention.

Here are 5 other bands who started their own record label:

Broken Social Scene – Arts & Crafts
Arts & Crafts, the Toronto based label that started the Field Trip festival last year and represents bands like Bloc Party, Feist, Hayden, The Darcys, Zeus and has represented Stars, Phoenix, Constantines, The Stills, The Dears and a shopping list of others, was actually started when Broken Social Scene were getting their legs. Jeffrey Remedios and Kevin Drew launched it in 2003 as a vehicle to self-release Broken Social Scene’s record You Forgot It in the People.

Arts & Crafts – Zeus “Are You Gonna Waste My Time?”


MS MR – Neon Gold Records
Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow went to Vassar College together in upstate New York but never talked until they were graduated. Max emailed Lizzy looking for a female voice on some music he was putting together. He emailed her because she had started Neon Gold Records in her dorm room while they were in college and was in contact with many different musicians. As the story goes she sent him a list of female vocalists but also attached a MP3 of her own voice that she had never shown anyone before. It sparked their band and of course Neon Gold is the label that represents them. This record label wasn’t launched for MS MR but it was what sparked their band. Neon Gold has released music for Passion Pit, The Naked and Famous, Haim, St. Lucia, Gotye, Haerts and a bunch more.

Neon Gold Records – St. Lucia “Elevate”


Jack White – Third Man Records
Jack White has had this independent record label since before most people even knew who Jack White was. It was originally founded in Detroit in 2001, the year The White Stripes released White Blood Cells and two years before Elephant came out. It didn’t have a physical location until they opened a store, label office and live venue in Nashville in 2009. They say on their website “Almost all the records are recorded, printed and pressed in Nashville and produced by Jack White. In this fashion TMR strives to bring a spontaneous and tangible aesthetic back into the record business”. His bands, The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs, have released music on this label.

Third Man Records – The Raconteurs “Steady As She Goes”


Nine Inch Nails – The Null Corporation
After being under contract with record labels for 18 years, Trent Reznor and Rob Sheridan created The Null Corporation when their contract with Interscope Records expired. They were a little jaded with the industry and created this as an avenue to have a direct relationship with their audience. Nine Inch Nails albums The Ghost I-IV and The Slip were released solely through this label. If you remember Trent Reznor won an Oscar for Best Original Score for his work on the score for The Social Network, that was also released under this label.

The Null Corporation – Nine Inch Nails “Discipline”


Wilco – dBpm Records
Wilco left their label Nonesuch in the summer of 2010 and decided to start their own called dBpm Records. The label will look after all future Wilco records and individual members’ side projects. The only Wilco record dBpm Records has put out so far was 2011’s The Whole Love.

dBpm Records – Wilco “Whole Love”


(Photo: John Vettese)