5 Best Dressed Bands

These guys rock the stage in style

It’s a well known fact that a look can help you sell records. If that weren’t true then why do boy bands make any money? I have never claimed to know anything about fashion, but these are, without question, the 5 best dressed bands.


In fifth is Vampire Weekend because people love to refer to them as hipsters. While hipsters attitudes are often negative to the point of being irritating, I will be the first to admit they’re very good dressers (see main image).

Also whenever I see one of them wearing a suit, it reminds me of one of Ellen DeGeneres’s pants suits.



goes to The Hives just because they’re the only band I could find wearing full tuxedos. They play the Phoenix Concert Theatre on Sunday.



MGMT is number three because their music matches their style.



Second place belongs to Toronto’s own Zeus because of the moustache this guy wears every single show.


Here’s an action shot.



I don’t like to make generalizations but I am comfortable saying every single French band gets an honourable mention because they always look so dapper. And that is why Phoenix gets #1. They have a style you don’t even try to imitate because you would look like a jerk wearing their clothes in everyday life.