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5 Bizarre Bunz Posts That Will Make You Stop Scrolling

Bunz Trading Zone started out as a Facebook group called “Bums Trading Zone” where strangers would trade their trash for someone else’s treasure. In an effort to be less “offensive”, the creators swapped the name from Bums to Bunz. Today, Bunz trade all sorts, and we mean all sorts, of goods and services via the new mobile app. Here’s what we found this month.

Possum Ear

Read: You also like to have slumber parties in graveyards.

Questions that most people would ask: How did you acquire this possum ear? What are you looking to trade for this item? Have you ever tried to wear it? Whoever this Van-Gogh-Wannabe Possum was, you knew this would be a treat for the preserved animal ear market. But daytime trades in public spaces only, please.

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One Nipple of Dog Food

Read: You are a troll.

You never had to change your Bunz Default Profile Bio because you live for online gags.

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2 Vodka Bottles 75% Empty

Read: You have a drinking problem.

Your trade offers come from Baby Bunz, desperate for a little something to bring to their high school ragers. Sorry babies, you know that underage drinking isn’t cool.

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Ketchup in a Bag

Read: You have a problem with letting go.

You second-guessed tossing those loose ketchup packs from A&W and look where you are now. It started with one and now you are 50 packets deep in your fridge. It’s like A&E’s Hoarders: Ketchup Packet Edition.

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Authentic Deer Jaw Bone Necklace

Read: You also have a flourishing Etsy business.

Will trade for Ox Blood. Serious messages only please. #Socality.

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Authentic Beaver Baby Bone Specimens in Jars
Authentic Mummified Beaver Claw
Used Diva Cups (to be fair they are sterilized)
Half Rack of Baby Ribs (Pork)
Single Donut from Tims
ISO “Star Sequins With No Holes in the Centre”
One “Lit AF Blackberry Pearl”
64MB Memory Card


(Photo by: Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose)

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