5 Canadian Female-Fronted Bands You Should Hear

5 bands leaving a massive mark on the industry

We’ve got a growing list of homegrown girl power making an impact on a global scale. As the list continues to expand, more and more female-fronted bands are taking the center stage, ranging anywhere from punk rock to indie electro. Here are some of the best bets You’re sure to see explode on the scene:

Jessy Lanza

Hamilton’s Jessy Lanza has been gaining widespread acclaim from her electronic project, collaborating with the likes of Hyperdub and Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan. Lanza’s unique oscillating dub and vocal hooks make her jungle-club beats addicting as hell.

The Courtneys

This Vancouver based “Slacker Rock” group, formed out a commonality in first names, are taking over the scene on the west coast. Their sun-bleached rock tunes will leave you strung out until the weekend.


Toronto’s Bossie may be a “Bossie Person,” but she doesn’t have to push anyone too hard to listen to her divergent sound. A self-reflexive pop act, commenting on the a-typical “party girl,” Bossie’s shimmering, glitter-covered tunes are sure to leave even the most cynical of music aficionado’s a fan of the genre.

Emilie & Ogden

One of the most truly unique acts that Canada has to offer is Emilie & Ogden. Aptly named after frontwoman Emilie Kahn and her harp, whom she named Ogden, is taking audiences by storm through her total mastery of both her instruments; harp and voice alike. Between the angelic harmonies and extensive folk influence, Kahn reaches a level somewhere in the middle of Joanna Newsom and St. Vincent. Check out her remarkable Collective Arts Black Box Session here.

White Lung

Big things began brewing in 2011 for Vancouver’s White Lung, after being awarded Canadian Music Week Indie Awards’ Group of The Year. This post-hardcore band blasted through those expectation with 2014’s Deep Fantasy and have been unstoppable ever since. Make sure you check them out at WayHome Music & Arts Festival this year.