5 Essential Songs By The Shins

A new record is coming early next year

James Mercer’s darling indie-pop group announced this weekend that The Shins have wrapped production on a new record, and plan to have it out early next year. In an interview, the infamous frontman spoke to KBOO in Portland Oregon, saying (via CoS):

I’m really excited about this record… I think we’ve got something that Shins fans will really love, and I think there’s some other things on there that are different enough. I made a concerted effort on certain songs to fit the palette, to use the palette that I’ve used historically for the band. I think it’s really strong. I think lyrically, I’m better than I ever was. And I think my songwriting is stronger than it ever was.

Though the Shins’ record label originally told fans that they’d have a new record out by year’s end, they apparently need more time to prepare since production took slightly longer than planned. However, the wait won’t be too much longer than originally anticipated. “It looks like it will be coming out next year. Early next year, like January, hopefully, 2017,” Mercer told KBOO.

If you’ve never taken the time to get to know the Shins, we’ve compiled 5 of their most quintessential tracks over the years for your listening pleasure.






For the full interview on KBOO, skip to the 21:00 minute mark in the video below: