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5 Essential Toronto Apps for 2017

With so many new apps being born each day, it can be hard to navigate through the most useful ones. Luckily, Toronto is a hub for technological advancement, with many companies taking advantage of smart phones to make their services more accessible and readily available. Need a few good go-to apps? Checkout this list of five must-have Toronto apps.


The Quench app comes to us from Alex and Tyler Mifflin of The Water Brothers TV Series and allows users to instantly find access to H2O refill stations and city fountains. Like most apps, it knows exactly where you are at all times, and thus is able connect us with the one life source we need most — water! Perhaps lacking in availability in the winter when it comes to working fountains, Quench does more than its fair share of spilling the deets during the summer when we need it most.


Green P Parking

There are a multitude of parking apps available today, and yet nothing comes close to what Green P has to offer. Aside from the usual feature showing you all of the available parking lots and spots in any given area, Green P has some other key features that are nothing to scoff at. Pay for your parking with your credit card or your PayPal account and avoid the dreaded ticket when the app notifies you that you need to “top-up.” Wondering how it gets better? The Green P Parking App is now available for on-street parking as well as all non-gated, off-street carparks.



As we continue to live in a time where “phoning it in” no longer exists, it’s nice to know that apps like Jiffy have you covered. Whether you need a plumber, locksmith, or pest control worker, all you need to do is order the service through Jiffy. Available in Toronto and the surrounding area (and recently Ottawa) Jiffy connects users with home service providers in real time based on proximity and location. Homeowners are able to book from reputable companies and pay via the credit card they have on file all without saying a word to anyone.



You could use local transit apps like RocketMan, but what about those times you have to commute from outside of the city and need information about pesky additional fares? Enter Citymapper, the app that helps you compare PRESTO fares for all trips within the GTA, along with a plethora of other features like bike routes, car2Go availability, offline maps, and real-time arrival of bus stops.


Bunz Trading Zone

What started out as a Facebook group quickly became Toronto’s ultimate treasure. Bunz Trading Zone creator Emily Frances (now lovingly know as Mother Bun) came up with the concept to share items she no longer needed in the hopes of trading for those that she did. As the need for this often addictive behavior became greater, the group graduated to an app with an interface similar to Instagram. But the success of Bunz didn’t stop there. The Facebook group remained intact and has since spawned a countless array of subgroups including apartment seeking, friending zones, pet zones, and much more. If you’ve got some extra TTC tokens hanging around or some tall cans left over from a party, you’ve got prime currency to start Bunzing.

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