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5 Events You Didn’t Know Were in the Olympics

#Rio2016 kicks off TODAY! This week the International Olympic Committee announced that baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, surfing, and rock climbing will be official Olympic events at the Tokyo 2020 games. While these seemingly popular sports are just finding their place at the Olympics, there are some other long-standing events that might surprise you. Take a look below, and for the full Olympic schedule go here.

Race walking

WALKING is an Olympic sport. As funny as it looks, race walking at the Olympics is a pretty intense event. Imagine trying to race someone without being able to run?

When to watch: Men’s 20km walk on August 12; women’s 20km on August 19

The Modern pentathlon

Definitely one of the most obscure Olympic events to look forward to at Rio2016, Modern Pentathlon is an event that is made up of five sports: fencing, swimming, horseback riding, shooting and running.

When to watch: Men’s and women’s individual events will run from August 18 through August 20

Canoe Slalom

If you thought slalom skiing was intense, take a look at the canoe slalom. This white water sport involves navigating rapids on either canoes or kayaks, and is expected to make a splash at this year’s Rio Olympics (no pun intended).

When to watch: Men’s kayak and canoe singles begin on August 7; women’s begins August 8; will be a five day event


If you think Katniss Everdeen is cool, the Olympic’s archery competitors are the real thing. Watch this historically significant skill be put to good use as a modern sport, bucket hats guaranteed.

When to watch: Archery begins today through August 12

BMX Cycling

With this year’s BMX Cycling event, expect bikers racing over dirt mounds and brace yourself for some ugly crashes. This high energy sport holds guaranteed entertainment for any thrill seekers watching the Olympics this year.

When to watch: Women’s and men’s individuals begin August 17; semi finals and finals on August 18 and 19
(Photo: Olympic.org)

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