5 Facebook Messenger Easter Eggs You Probably Didn’t Know About

From surprise cute photos to chatting with merchants.

Yes, Facebook Messenger allows you to chat with your friends and send cute lil’ emojis to express all your feelings… but there’s more! Here are 5 things you can do with Facebook messenger that may just brighten your day:

1. Send some cuteness

Who doesn’t love cute animal pics? All you have to do is type in @dailycute and you’ll send a friend a cuteness overload.



2. Challenge your friend to a game of chess

Simply typing in @fbchess play will start a game of chess for you and your friend. The ultimate distraction.



3. Chat with merchants

With the help of Shopify, certain companies can now talk to you about your latest online shopping order on a personal level and allow you to ask any questions you have via Messenger. Now you can have all those questions about that onesie sizing answered instantly. Learn more about Shopify here.


4. Shoot hoops

Play a game of basketball with your pal by sending a basketball emoji using the Facebook Messenger app on your phone then click on it. Sorry for the distraction.



5. Share your Uber ETA with friends

With your Uber app, you can connect your Messenger to send your ETA to your friends. Now your friends won’t harass you with “when will you be here?” texts!


Do you know of any other secrets? Spill!

(Main photo courtesy of Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr)