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5 Great Shops To Shave Your Mo

As Movember closes, we offer up 5 great places to get your mo shaved and a haircut while you are at it. It’s December after all, the month for gentlemanly grooming.

Truefitt & Hill | Website

T&H is the ultimate in high-end barbers. Originally opened in Canada in 1995, they claim to be then first Canadian spa devoted to gentlemen’s needs. But they’ve been around a lot longer in the UK, since 1911 to be exact. It’s a little bit on the pricey end, which goes hand-in-hand with its Bay Street (Brookfield Place) location at $47 for a hot lather shave. This is ultimate in men’s grooming and a favourite pre-wedding event for groom and groomsmen alike.

Mankind | Website

This is Truefitt & Hill for King West fashion-forward dudes. A more modern take on male grooming complete with leather couches, video games, sports, and titillating art-work. Everything you need to get you geared up for your paraffin wax treatment, arm massage, hot shave, and facial toner – and that’s before anyone even touches your hair with scissors. This is truly a pampering experience for the working gent.

Hastings Barber Shop | InstagramFacebook

Hastings Barber Shop’s mantra is simple: Look Better. Feel Better. This classic barber shop is bringing back male grooming on the east side and the decor is so sweet that July Talk used the shop for a recent photo shoot.

Crows Nest | Website

Located in arguably the most interesting neighbourhood in Canada, this Kensington Market barbershop does it old-school with a host of hard-core tattooed cutters that know how to keep it simple and stylish. Their menu is simple: Cut, Shave, or both. Clearly this no-fuss shop believes that a trip to the barbers doesn’t need to be complicated.

Terminal Barber Shop | Website

Owned by lead barbers Karim Saaden and Omar Mahrouk, Terminal Barber Shop “specializes in the core aspects of the tonsorial art.” This old-time barber shop will take care of all your needs offering haircuts, hot lather shaves, or beard trimming. Heck they’ll even shine your shoes! Basically you’ll walk out of Terminal a little bit more of a gent then you were when you arrived.

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