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5 Great Spots to Study that aren’t a Dingy Library

With university and high school exams looming for many, finding a great quiet spot is a must to buckle down and study. While obvious spots like libraries can sometimes be noisier than bars, a remote nook or cranny is often preferable. Here are some of those places around the downtown core that give you both quiet time and bang for your buck.

2nd Floor Lobby at the Fairmont Royal York

Hotel lobbies can often be fairly quiet areas for some studying, but few have the comfort of the Royal York. Upstairs from the main lobby are a bevy of chairs to nestle into with your books, notes and laptop or tablet. The one strike might be accessing free WiFi which can be slightly problematic. Otherwise it’s a great locale to study (and people watch during study breaks).


Royal Ontario Museum or the Art Gallery Of Ontario

Museums usually are quiet, reflective environments and two of Toronto’s best are just that. Both the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) have free admission times during the week for students. For the ROM it’s Tuesdays while the AGO offer Wednesday evenings (6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.). It might not have ample seating for hordes of students but either of these spots are worth checking out.


Centre For Social Innovation

Don’t confuse the different Toronto CSI locales as spinoffs of the CSI television drama franchise. The Centre for Social Innovation has both an Annex, Regent Park and Spadina site where space for studying can be rented out for the day. Rooms and areas can range anywhere from $12 for an hour up to $48 an hour for “community members” with daily rates ($84 and up) for small rooms or board rooms also available. It has a community mindset but it’s a fine getaway to get down to work!


7 West Cafe

Any spot open all hours of the day is a bonus for students. And this cafe is one great spot to take your books while having some caffeine or desserts! An all day (literally all day) breakfast is also on the menu in addition to other entrees. The staff also seem to empathize with students and don’t give them a hard time. It’s a place that often will be revisited by students after their maiden voyage.


Gizmo Labs | 298 Dundas St. West, 3rd Level

Co-working options are offered here at Gizmo Labs with a $30/month daily membership offered. The location is quite good for students as it’s near St. Patrick’s Station on the TTC. Local site Living Freelance praised the locale for it’s 24-hour availability as well as little perks such as free coffee and tea provided.

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