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5 Guilty Pleasure TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now

We’ve all got our guilty pleasures, but here are a few you might not know are currently available to stream.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys

Ireland’s favourite cross-dressing “mammy” is perfect mindless comedy for when you’re too tired / drunk / hungover to comprehend well-written, thought-out humour and just need an easy, good old-fashioned fecking laugh.

Entire series on Netflix


The Joy of Painting

In addition to being the human equivalent of Sleepytime tea, the late Bob Ross was a lovely older dude who just really, really wanted you to be a great painter. His classic art tutorials have since disappeared from the airwaves, but can still be found online.

Full episodes on YouTube



Though it is arguably TV’s best show about the music industry yet, the sluggish soap-opera storylines and equally hammy Southern accents, make this recently renewed series a perfect candidate for guilty viewing.

Entire series now on Netflix


Hillbilly Hand Fishin’

Like a car accident, this short-lived series is both compelling and revolting. In truth, the only reason to watch is in the hopes of a catfish bite that turns gangrene.

Full episodes on YouTube; Entire series on CraveTV


Law & Order: SVU

Having jumped the shark back in 2006, amazingly, this franchise is still on the air and entering its eighteenth season. Olivia Benson is a certifiable badass and icon.

Full episodes on YouTube; Netflix


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