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5 Indie Songs That Ooze Sex

The average indie song may fall somewhere between polka and death metal on the seduction scale, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions to the rule— songs that emanate sexiness out of every snare tap, whisper, and burbling synth.

These are 5 sensationally sexy tracks that’ll have you feeling revved and ready to go—whatever your preferences may be in the boudoir.


Grimes’ sensuous ode to thawing out “Soft skin/ You touch me with it and so I know I can be human once again” may not be as well known as other Visions standouts like “Genesis” and “Oblivion” but it’s undeniably her sexiest work to date. If you’re a fan of cyborgs, anime, or medieval witchcraft, chances are, you’ll find “Skin” sufficiently stimulating.


If someone had told me 10 years ago that the band behind “I Bet Your Look Good On The Dance Floor” would someday release 2013’s sexiest rock album, I’d probably have laughed them out of the room. That’s exactly what happened though with AM; a slinky, after midnight record, that Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme describes as “a modern, dancefloor, sexy record.” The fact that Alex Turner manages to create genuine allure out of lines like “I wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust” is nothing short of a miracle.


The lead single from 2014’s Darlings more than lives up to its name thanks to its driving beat, uplifting synths and memorable claim that “good sex never makes you feel clean.” Add the fact that it has one of the most erotic music videos in recent memory, and “Good Sex” has probably clinched a place on lists like this for years to come. Honorable mention goes to the album’s opening track “Body Butter” in which the narrator asks his lover to “get the Body Butter” so that they can “party all alone.”


Started as a solo project by producer/songwriter Dev Hynes back in 2011, (he’s penned songs for Florence and the Machine, Sky Ferreira, and The Chemical Brothers just to name a few) Blood Orange didn’t fully find its wings until Cupid Deluxe (2013)—a silky, 80s-tinged gem of an album that topped many ‘best-of’ lists and likely acted as the soundtrack to much of the year’s baby making as well. Opening the album is “Chamakay”, a stripped-down, duet with Chairlift vocalist Caroline Polachek that uses airy synths, steel drums and some seriously pretty falsetto from Polachek to set the mood.


As Blood Orange has already proven, there are few combinations as effective in triggering one’s carnal desires than steel drums and an insistent bass line. But that’s not all this song has going for it. The key to its power lies in Lykke Li’s fragile, breathless vocal performance. Capturing that moment when you realize you love someone, but aren’t quite ready to tip your cards (even if your body language has long since betrayed you), “Little Bit” is a song that can be enjoyed on multiple levels. Pro Tip: Prefer your Swedish pop with a bit more Drake on it? Check this “Little Bit” remix off of The 6 God’s critically acclaimed mixtape, So Far Gone.

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