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5 Instagram Lessons We Can Learn from Hipster Barbie

Everyone has that girl on Instagram. The one that makes you feel bad about your life because you’re not travelling, being artsy, or sipping lattes with your other cultured friends.

Socality Barbie is that girl. She is living the life, being #authentic, celebrating #socality, and like that girl, she’s desperate to show you.

The brain behind this hipster Barbie is a Portland, Oregon wedding photographer who brilliantly satirizes the great millennial adventurer trend. We’ve all seen the aesthetic: selfies in exotic locales, snapshots of artisanal ice cream, perfectly arranged contents of a Herschel bag.

Whether you’re thinking about how much your Instagram looks like hers, or you know someone’s who does, there are some valuable lessons in the art of ‘gramming to learn here. Here are 5 Instagram lessons from Socality Barbie:

1. ‘Gram your coffee or it didn’t happen



2. Always show your authentic self



3. Shots of your feet or hands are a good way to show a different perspective of yourself (and break up all the selfies)



4. Every great adventurer needs a great hat collection



5. Smoke and visual effects adds a mysterious element for your followers


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