5 Kickstarters That Are Changing The Music Game

Hearing is believing

Just as music genres evolve over time; adapting to social movements, fashion and technology, so does the way in which we make and modify our music. With the DIY movement in full effect, people want to be able to express themselves individually — and they want to do it from home. As technology becomes smarter, being able to play and modify music has become more accessible to those who know little about it. Some people have even made it their mission to help make this dream come true.

Take a look at 5 awesome Kickstarters that are changing music right now:


Here Buds let you change the way you hear the world, literally. The buds connect to an app on your smartphone that allow you to modify the sound coming in: volume, EQ, reverb – you name it. Sick of the screech of the subway as it pulls into the station? Since the app works in real time, you can cut that out. If you’re planning on attending any festivals this summer with loud crowds or amateur sound guys, this is definitely the thing for you.


Instrument 1 is quite literally any instrument you make it. The Nashville based company Artiphon has successfully funded their multi, multi-use “Instrument 1”. Named because it represents a “blank slate”, Instrument 1 can be any instrument you want, – a keyboard, a guitar, violin, drum kit…the list goes on. With seemingly endless possibilities, as well being compatible to use almost any platform (Mac, PC, iOS, Android), Instrument 1 is perfect for musicians of all ranges.


A small Dutch company called “Owoww” is currently trying to raise €50,000 to fund their line of new instruments, eponymously named OWOW. While they are still €40,000 shy of their goal, the company boasts an impressive set of five electronically-triggered instruments. All instruments are designed for the musically illiterate, creative types. You don’t need to know how to read sheets to be able to create music. Take a look at the video above to see instruments like the “Wob”, — a Theremin-inspired synth and drum pad.


If you, like many people, spend their time annoying friends and family tapping away on desks and steering wheels, then the Mogees are just for you. Using simple sensor-based technology, place the Mogees stick on any surface and it picks up vibrations from tapping or hitting. The sound is registered through an app and makes a specific sound. You can attach them to anything you want; your chair, a table, fruit, or even an actual drum kit (how meta).


Somewhere in the rolling Colorado Hills lies an unsuspecting empty rusted steel water tank that gets some music fans really excited. “The Tank,” as it’s called, is claimed to be an “acoustic marvel” by owners of its Kickstarter Page, and it’s really something that you have to hear to believe. Because of the perfect cylindrical design of the Tank, it creates an ideal reverberant space for sound to be carried. The result is some of the most beautiful natural reverb that one’s ever heard. Their $42,000 goal will be used to keep up maintenance of the currently crumbling structure.