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5 Life-Changing Beer Hacks Everyone Should Know

Imagine a world without beer. Now imagine a world without tips on getting the most out of your beer. Scary, right? Fear not. Here are some of vital beer hacks for your drinking pleasure.

Keep your pitcher chilled

After pouring out some pints, your half-empty pitcher of beer is a sitting duck on those hot summer afternoons, baking in the sun. Keep it fresh by adding a plastic cup filled with ice—it will harmlessly bob atop the surface while keeping the liquid chilled.

Insta-cool your brews in a pinch

Throw some bottles and / or cans into a tub filled with ice and water. Then, add some salt (more than a sprinkling, less than a handful) which will lower the freezing point of the water, resulting in ice cold goodness on the fly.

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No opener? No Problem!

If you’re in a bind and you MUST get into that bottle, a lighter, or a plain sheet of paper will do in a pinch.

Freeze some beer cubes

You’ve hosted a BBQ, invited tons of friends, and by the end of the night, your fridge is full of random leftover bottles. Not your cup of tea? Turn them into beer-cubes and avoid diluting your favourite pint when faced with the inevitable hell that is lukewarm beer.


That’s a wrap

Cut a two-hour wait down to size. Shroud your favourite warm bottle or can in a wet paper towel and chuck it into the freezer for fifteen minutes. Voila!


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