5 Matthew Good Songs – Live & Unedited

Matthew Good Wants You To Hear His Live Show

Matthew Good is continuing on the theme of presenting rock music as an imperfect process. In his Throne of Glory, he discussed how his influences on the new album were bands that had a certain raw and imperfection to their sound, which made the music special.

Now Good is sharing live takes from his current tour – unedited. Here is what he had to say about the recordings:

The following live performances are untouched and unedited. While many live performances are overdubbed and manipulated after the fact, these performances are raw and include those imperfections that make live rock music exciting and unpredictable. No additional microphones or other technologies were used in the recording of these performances, only those used to amplify the band during the shows from which they were taken.

Listen below:

Garden Of Knives (Saint John, October 17, 2013) by Matthew Good

Via Dolorosa (Montreal, November 2, 2013) by Matthew Good

Mutineering (Sarnia, October 26, 2013) by Matthew Good

Letters In Wartime (Moncton, October 16, 2013) by Matthew Good

Last Parade (Toronto, November 1, 2013) by Matthew Good