5 Movie Gadgets We Wish Were Real

Wouldn't it be cool if these things were real!?

A couple stories in the news recently got me thinking about iconic things in movies that would be cool to have in real life…

Pee Wee Herman’s red bike from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was on sale last week, someone bought it for $36,600! A ton of cash but man, how sweet a ride it would be this spring and summer!

The hoverboard video that went viral was of course a hoax, but seeing a hoverboard for the first time in Back To The Future II made us all hopeful that by 2014 we would be using them to get around!

What kid didn’t want to partake in an epic battle with a lightsaber? Star Wars fan or not, those things are awesome!

KITT became my dream car the first time I saw it light up and talk to David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider… my cousins had the replica toy model that we could ride around in and well, I’ve never wanted to steal something more in my life.

I treasure my TV remote and all it does is let me do stuff with the television. Imagine a remote that could control the universe? The movie Click may not have been an award winner, but the idea is gold! *bonus more David Hasselhoff

Finally Ted… so he’s not a thing, he’s a teddy bear but who wouldn’t love a stuffed buddy that curses, smokes and gets with da ladies!?