5 Music Videos That Made the Song Even Better

The song conveys the idea - but the music video makes the statement

A music video can be used as a marketing tool to promote a song or band – but not every one makes the tune stand out the way it should. Here are five examples of music videos that stand alone as captivating art.

alt-J – Hunger of the Pine

I’m not usually a fan of music videos with sound effects – and for this one you hear arrows being shot for a good chunk. But alt-J always has interesting and artistic videos, and this is one of the most powerful I’ve seen – making you feel anxious and empathetic for the character for the entire 3 minutes and 47 seconds.

Lord Huron – Time to Run

I don’t remember exactly what I thought about this song before I saw the music video, but I know it wasn’t a huge standout for me. The music video gives the song context and makes you hear it in a whole new way – picturing yourself running through the desert at dusk in a spaghetti-western setting.

July Talk – Summer Dress

July Talk has unarguably one of the best live shows right now. They continuously put out amazing videos often directed by their bass player Josh. This one especially shows off the feeling of their live shows and also makes them look like the badass rock band they are.

Phoenix – Trying to be Cool

I’ve always assumed from their high fashion that Phoenix took themselves overly seriously. This is a continuous-take video, shot between two cameras that switch back and forth every 25 seconds. Meaning while one is shooting, the other is preparing their next shot – and if they aren’t ready in time, it cuts to black.

The Naked and Famous – Hearts Like Ours

This song’s about anxiety and being brave enough to go somewhere new. Its music video conveys that feeling and enhances the song in a different way than if you just listened to the audio on your phone.