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Matt’s Top Picks for TIFF 2015: Horror & Sci Fi

TIFF 2015 kicks off next week and this year’s program is stacked, parrticularly in the horror and sci fi genres. Get to know some of my can’t-miss films before tickets go on sale this Sunday. Head over to TIFF’s website for more info.

The Witch

Ho. Lee. Smokes. This thing looks terrifying. By all accounts this film really scared the wits out of people at the Sundance film fest and is now heading to TIFF. The proper release won’t come until 2016 so this is a great chance to catch it before anyone else.


The Martian

Ridley Scott returns with the story of an astronaut left behind on Mars. He has to figure out a way to stay alive for 4 years until the next mission can come back to rescue him. To do it he’s going to have to “science the shit out of” the situation. The cast is stellar featuring Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Bridges and Jessica Chastain.



A psychedelic Halloween horror film that looks like a nightmarish fever dream. Directed by Canadian film legend Bruce MacDonald, this will be a hot ticket!


The Final Girls

If you liked The Cabin In The Woods this will be right up your alley. A meta horror-comedy where a group of teens are sucked into an 80’s slasher flick sounds pretty wack, but include cast members from Workaholics and Arrested Development and you’ve got my attention.



This Turkish horror flick looks like a trip straight to hell…because it is! Five cops visit a crime scene and find a gateway to hell. NSFW because of gore and pure nightmare fuel.

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