5 Must-Try Winter Cocktails

Concoctions to keep you warm and fuzzy all winter long

We’ve gathered a fistful of cocktail recipes ripe for the holidays –robust, punchy and candy all over, but now, we’ve compiled a list of concoctions to keep you warm and fuzzy all season-long.

Check out 5 must-try winter cocktails below!

This Indie88 feature is presented in partnership with Summit Vodka. Made with 100% winter wheat from Alberta Distillers in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, Summit Vodka makes the perfect pairing for an après-skate cocktail – crystal clear with a subtly sweet aroma.

Summit Vodka Gimlet

The Summit Vodka Gimlet has a perfect amount of sweetness, with a hint of citrus, basil, and cucumber to make you reminisce for summer in the middle of winter.

First, muddle 2 slices of cucumber and 1 1/2 leaves of fresh basil. Add 1 1/2 ounces of Summit Vodka, 1 ounce lemonade, and 1/4 ounce lime juice. Shake with ice until well-chilled then pour into a rocks glass with fresh ice and garnish with a basil leaf. Best enjoyed on a crispy cool, but sunny, day!


Atholl Brose

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According to Scottish legend, this cocktail finds its namesake in the 1st Earl of Atholl, a Scottish nobleman celebrated for his role in stomping out the Highland rebellion in 1475 by filling a well with a mixture that inspired the drink itself: a thick, rich, and sticky marriage of oatmeal brose, honey, whisky, and – if it is really good – cream. Mix it all together (“with a silver spoon if available”) and you’ve got a reliable ally that sticks with you even in the bleakest winters of your discontent. Check out the recipe here.


Supposedly inspired by a caribou blood/whiskey concoction hunters and loggers drank to battle the cold when working in colonial times, caribou is a sweet Québécois cocktail that can be served hot or cold. Today, the cocktail usually involves a mix of red wine or port and (usually white) whisky, brandy, or rum (sometimes cloves and nutmeg are added). Try the recipe here.



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Invented by New York bartender/mixologist Sam Ross, the Penicillin cocktail taps into the therapeutic qualities of honey, lemon juice, and muddled ginger, and collides them with scotch and Laphroaig (single-malt Islay scotch) to create a potent, decadent potable that makes a strong antidote for the fiercest of winters. Ideally, this’ll all be garnished with some candied ginger for increased aromatics. Give the recipe a whirl here.


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The Smoking Bishop is a classic, Victorian mulled punch that’s a toasty, citrusy treat, and, known to bring his sweet tooth to the bar, Charles Dickens had a penchant for writing it into his stories, warming readers by proxy of its very mention. To make it, combine simmering red wine with boil-reduced water spiced with cinnamon, allspice, mace, and ginger chunks, then add in some whole, baked clove-needled oranges and lemon, stir, cover for 24 hours in a warm corner, then juice the whole fruits into the wine mixture, strain, add port, stir until hot and steaming (“smoking”), add sugar to taste, and serve with the remaining fruit wedges floating throughout. Try out the recipe here.