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5 Non-English Bands Who Sing in English

The English language is extremely hard to learn because the rules often come with so many exceptions. That’s also why it’s such a nice language to write music with. It has so much you can draw from to paint a beautiful and complex picture. Here are 5 bands whose first language isn’t English:

Clemens the singer from Milky Chance has been writing music since he was 13 and it’s always been in English. He finds it easier to express himself since German is a very precise language and English is more descriptive.

Bjork’s original language is Icelandic but she also taught English and Danish as a kid. In 1977 her first official release (she was only 12) contained many English covers translated into Icelandic. When she graduated in 1982 she had an Icelandic band called Tappi Tikarrass.

Tove Lo is from Sweden and finds it easier to write in English. She says trying to express herself in Swedish comes across a little to raw where with English you can be a little less direct.

Of Monsters and Men are from Iceland. Nanna, one of their singers, says writing lyrics in Icelandic is a challenge because it’s such a harsh language.

Peter Bjorn and John are another Swedish band and Bjorn says he’s better at writing in English because he has never written anything in Swedish. He thinks if you do something for a long time then you get better at it.

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