5 of The Wildest Sets We Can Expect At WayHome

sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll

WayHome’s lineup announcement on Tuesday delivered revelations about some pretty massive headliners headed for Oro-Medonte, Ontario this summer. Though it’s the finer print acts on the massive bill coming to Burl’s Creek Event Grounds July 22-24 that boasts some of the best live games in the business. For those already drafting up festival itineraries, we combed through the lineup for some of the best bets sure to shock and awe with their wild stage antics and blistering live performances.


Oxford, England dance-punks Foals have a busy year ahead of themselves touring the world in support of 2015’s What Went Down. That doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering they’ve already gained a reputation in the British press as one of the best live acts around (frontman Yannis Philippakis has a reputation for jumping off balconies and getting in with the crowd, so keep an eye out for that), but with a summer packed with appearances at Coachella, Hangout, Open’er, Nos Alive, Musilac, and Groove, there’s no doubt they’ll have their festival game down pat by the time they make it to the custom-designed event grounds at Burl’s Creek.


While there is something to the argument that, with his popularity, Mac DeMarco’s concert persona has grown significantly tamer in recent years (long gone are the days of the Pepperoni Playboy getting truly weird and doing butt stuff with drumsticks onstage), the guy still loves a big, wacky spectacle. The last time he played a crowd this big in Ontario, he brought a random dude wearing a Hawaiian shirt onstage for three songs, kissed him on the mouth goodbye, then stage dived into the audience during the guitar solo for “Still Together,” only to crowd surf across Yonge-Dundas Square slapping his potbelly like a bongo. So anything could happen.




London-based Savages and lead singer Jenny Beth’s 1000-mile stare stopped everyone in their tracks with the 2013 release of their icy debut, Silence Yourself. Onstage, the post-punk band brought the album to life with a notoriously confrontational live show that demanded full attention, often literally, requiring audience members to put away their phones and surrender to the moment. This year the group took things a step further with their January sophomore follow-up Adore Life, applying its “no bullshit” approach to a commitment to “write the loudest songs ever.” And we can’t wait to see how that translates to their performance at WayHome.


The list of mind-altering substances itemized in FIDLAR’s catalogue is not unsubstantial. And while that does not necessarily account for an attempt on the band’s part to romanticize the subject of drug abuse (singer/guitarist Zac Carper has struggled with addiction and logged hours in rehab for his affliction), their interest in losing control has led them to orchestrating some pretty wild live experiences. Their name is an acronym for “Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk,” after all.


Those unfamiliar with Nathaniel Rateliff and his band the Night Sweats might question how a soul/gospel revival outfit found its way onto a list filled out with rebels and rockists. Together this group is responsible for an infectious and participatory live experience that’s undeniably charismatic, with all their call and response antics and onstage dancing permeating an energy crowds simply can’t resist.


Main image courtesy Kiera McNally